Electronic Arts delays games for Apple’s Mac OS X

“Mac users are still waiting two months after game maker Electronic Arts promised to increase its development efforts for the Mac OS X platform,” Shaun Nichols reports for vnunet.com.

“Executives from the world’s largest games developer promised simultaneous launches on Windows and OS X platforms at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference last June,” Nichols reports.

“They specifically mentioned the launch of Madden NFL 08, but no OS X version was available when the game went on sale on 14 August,” Nichols reports.

“The games company did not return numerous phone calls seeking clarification. Apple directed all inquiries to EA,” Nichols reports.

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  1. honestly, i thought at the time they announced that it was only that they saw Apple as a rising star and they wanted people to think they knew it, and took Apple seriously…

    now we know they are just not ready, and they look worse than if they had just wrote the games and suddenly released them.

    oddly, the only thing it is hard to do on a Mac is game, yet the wintrolls call them toys.

    MW: what is the “deal” with wintrolls!

  2. Anybody who dedicates a TV to playing console games instead of just using a more powerful and capable multifunction device (computer) to do so likes to give money away and either has no life or single.

    I’ve got 2 Dreamcasts, a PS2, an Xbox. None of them ever get used. I’m on my computer everyday.

  3. And all you poor fools waiting for all the first run games to come out on the Mac…. have a nice wait. You are just pissed because you’ve spent so much money on an iMac with inadequate graphics and no upgradability because Uncle Steve told you it’s an all in one world. Why? Because Apple can milk us for all it’s worth.

  4. easy solution… AAPL buys EA… thatʻs the only way it doesnʻt get delayed. when MSFT bot bungie, it pretty much messed them up… imagine the lost sales in bungie initially limited to Xbox/windows.

    so, i say AAPL buy ERTS (Electronic Arts). if u really want it uʻr way. and then design cool games for the iPhone too while uʻr at it.

    iʻm not a gamer, but own apple stock…
    on a side note, AAPL shouldnt buy ADBE yet…

  5. Well, jooop and others,

    I just bought a PS3 to go along with my HD TV that I bought myself for my birthday. I enjoy it – don’t play it everyday, but when I do, it’s pretty slick.

    Oh, and I do live… seriously.

  6. They’re not “Mac games”. They’re just “PC games” that run on Intel Macs with TransGaming’s Cider technology. This means they don’t run at full native speed.

    Don’t lie to us Steve. We want real Mac games!

  7. Did anyone actually believe the EA would come through for the Apple community?

    When Bing Gordon (Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer for EA) stood up on stage at WWDC 07 and announced simultaneous releases of Madden 08 and Tiger Woods Golf, I had my doubts that they would actually come through.

    Just think about it. There was no need to release these games at the same time for OS X and console games. Even my dead grandmother could see it coming. Why release their games in August when they could wait for Leopard to be officially released. Duh!

    Don’t promise something to the Mac community that you can’t back up. EA has now officially lost the credibility that they had left.

    Besides Macs are created for productivity and creativity. Windows are for created for Solitaire and Freecell. Console games are created for people who have no dates for the week.

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