Electronic Arts delays games for Apple’s Mac OS X

“Mac users are still waiting two months after game maker Electronic Arts promised to increase its development efforts for the Mac OS X platform,” Shaun Nichols reports for vnunet.com.

“Executives from the world’s largest games developer promised simultaneous launches on Windows and OS X platforms at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference last June,” Nichols reports.

“They specifically mentioned the launch of Madden NFL 08, but no OS X version was available when the game went on sale on 14 August,” Nichols reports.

“The games company did not return numerous phone calls seeking clarification. Apple directed all inquiries to EA,” Nichols reports.

Full article here.


  1. Games are Good!

    I am getting my 7 yo son use to playing on our 20″iMac vs his XB

    Once he is hooked, I will use that to justify to the wife, we should give him the iMac!

    and I will replace with the new 24″ iMac for me!!!!!!

    Games are Good!!!

  2. Mr. Peabody,

    EA doesn’t need any help from Microsoft when it comes to showing their incompetence. I swore them off in the late 80’s when they released Earl Weaver Baseball 2 which didn’t work at all.

  3. all these guys who ‘swore off Ea because of earl weaver baseball’ are idiots. did you swear off the mac because of the newton? stupid comment… and for those who don’t like gaming – that’s cool – doesn’t mean anybody who does is an idiot. i got into gaming at 32 yrs old – i don’t play much but do enjoy it. and, yeah, madden is pretty cool if you’re a football fan. if you’re into scouring the web looking to bash EA or MSFT< then maybe you have less time for that stuff – not sure.

    anyway, gaming’s ok – and yeah, there are no games on the mac. this is reality.

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