Apple’s new iMovie application lacks support for G4 Macs

Apple StoreApple’s new iMovie application (part of iLife ’08) does not support G4 Macs.

iMovie requires a Mac with an Intel processor, a Power Mac G5 (dual 2.0GHz or faster), or an iMac G5 (1.9GHz or faster).

This marks what is perhaps the first instance of Apple dropping G4 support in a consumer application.

The rest of the iLife ’08 suite will run on G4 Macs, at least as far as Apple’s official requirements state:

• Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 processor.
• iMovie requires a Mac with an Intel processor, a Power Mac G5 (dual 2.0GHz or faster), or an iMac G5 (1.9GHz or faster).
• iDVD requires a 733MHz or faster processor.
• 512MB of RAM; 1GB recommended. High-definition video requires at least 1GB of RAM.
• Mac OS X v10.4.9 or later.
• 3GB of available disk space.
• DVD drive required for installation.
• QuickTime 7.2 or later.
• Other configurations may be supported. AVCHD video and 24-bit recording have additional requirements. Visit iMovie ’08 Camcorder Support for more information on AVCHD.
• 24-bit recording in GarageBand ’08 requires a Mac OS X compatible audio interface with support for 24-bit audio. Please consult the owners manual or manufacturer directly for audio device specification and compatibility.
• Burning DVDs requires an Apple SuperDrive or compatible third-party DVD burner.
• iPhoto print services are available in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and select European countries. Internet access required; fees and terms apply.
• iWeb requires Internet and web server access (.Mac recommended).
Some features in iLife require .Mac. The .Mac service is available to persons age 13 and older. Annual membership fee and Internet access required. Terms and conditions apply.

More about iLife ’08 here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ian” for the heads up.]


  1. Out with the old and in with the new, thats what I say!

    im gonna trash my G5 Power mac soon anyone want to buy it?

    Its the minimum required here, i wonder if it will work here.

    Notice, only Dual processor G5 power macs will work, not single.

  2. I do love the fact that Macs are still useful even after many years.

    But come on my fellow Mac enthusiasts…if you have a G4, it’s time to upgrade. The new iMac is only $1200. The Mini is way less than that. Both are much faster than your G4 tower.

    It’s time to let go. Either that or don’t use the new iMovie.

  3. I know progress is inevitable but this does kind of suck. I have a Power book G4 that has been my main home computer. Now if I want to make movies I will have to go to the office and use the Power Mac.
    Oh well, guess it is time for an upgrade anyway. I’ve had the Powerbook for 3 years. Thats 2 more than I ever kept a PC.

  4. There is more to the story. From what I read the new iMovie is supposed to be quite bad for editing, a step downwards. People compare it even to MovieMaker. Seems like a bad decision Apple made. I wouldn’t mind having an iMovie that manages movies like iTunes does with music but please don’t get rid of all the easy to use editing features!

  5. Come on everyone – those saying you have to get rid of your G4s and upgrade. I am terrible also for buying the latest stuff I possibly can, so I won’t have any problems with this version of iMovie. But there are many many people (others in my family for example) who still use perfectly serviceable PowerBook G4s and QuickSilver G4s, etc. They should be able to edit movies too (they have been able to up till now).

    So here’s what Apple should do/have done. They should include iMovie 6 and call it “iMovie Classic” or something, so that people with G4s (and even G3s) can continue to make great content with their great Macs.


  6. “just curious, as a non-married person myself … do you think comments like the one you posted reflect well on your marriage?

    honest question, really.”

    We have a great marriage, but she takes care of most of the money issues. A purchase that large would be collaborative. I wouldn’t just run out and buy one, that would be disrespectful. So, yes, she would need to be on board with the decision.

    “Yes and my old “turbo 10 PC” will not run windows XP

    People with a G4 it’s time to upgrade.”

    Yes, I know it’s time to upgrade. I wasn’t complaining, just giving in to the reality of what you said. I take pride in the fact that my machine has been totally viable for 6 years with no problems. Peace.

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