Apple triggering iPhone updates via EDGE?

“Earlier today, a fascinating thing happened. iPhone owners across the country gained a new function without applying any software or firmware updates. The function in question is ‘Send to Web Gallery,’ a button that appears in the Camera and Photos applications when clicking the share button (lower left corner when viewing a photo), and did not exist for any iPhone owner (that we know of) prior to today. The button links with new .Mac iPhone integration functionality that allows photos to be sent directly from the iPhone to the new ‘Web Gallery’ function,” iPhone Atlas reports.

Triggered via EDGE? A timed addition that came along hidden within iPhone Update 1.0.1?

More in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: We can confirm that we have the “Send to Web Gallery” button now on our iPhones without applying any updates since iPhone Update 1.0.1 on July 31st.


  1. I keep reading about this all over the place. And I seem to have no idea what everyone is talking about. I have the iPhone 1.0.1 and I didn’t get that feature on there. Maybe it’s only people who updated it using a mac, not a windows machine.

  2. I don’t see it yet, and I have a .Mac account. But now that I think about it I haven’t used my iPhone today outside of the range of my home and office WiFi networks. Could that be why?

  3. It must be a timed addition as part up 1.0.1 update, because I haven’t installed that update yet and I still don’t have the command. I’ll install the update and see if it shows up (I bet it will).

  4. I’m at a remote location in the mountains and haven’t been in cell service in 6 days. I’d guess that the change was included in the firmware update with some sort of timer on it… it didn’t show up on mine until I restarted the iPhone

  5. Or maybe the iPhone queries some Apple server and if you have a .Mac account, the ‘Send to Web Gallery’ option is enabled.

    Your iPhone didn’t receive the correct response until yesterday.

  6. Yes I did update fool

    It’s that Apple is incorporating features that have the potential of being exploited.

    For instance if I turn off all wireless features, my computer should not be announcing it’s presence with a signal of any sort.

    With MDNrespoder, it is. Even if you force quit it it restarts automatically.

    With the right equipment, a guy in the next hotel room CAN HACK MY COMPUTER.

    Now with EFI based Mac’s, there is a very powerful firmware enviorment that runs independant of the operating system. It can contact the internet, read hard drives and download all without the OS.

    Is this security? Has Mac OS X ben secure this year? No, it’s has had numerous exploits and vunerabilities.

    Is Mac OS X more secure? No, it’s only more secure because less people are using it.

    I use a Mac because you don’t see to many of them, therefore it’s less likely to be hacked.

  7. No new button for me, updated to 1.0.1 via my iMac. I don’t think this was a EDGE push, nor was it timed.

    MDN, I think you’re playing a little fast and loose with this, as Macworld has a Web Gallery/iPhone troubleshooting article posted today that says, “First of all, if you have an iPhone, that option should be active. If it’s not, be sure that you have a .Mac account set up on your iPhone. That’s the trigger that tells the iPhone to show the Send to Web Gallery button when you tap the Send button when viewing a picture.” (emphasis mine)

    MW after, as in “What ever happened to publishing after getting the facts?”

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