RUMOR: Apple to start new iMac pricing at US$1,199

“Apple will deliver three new iMac configurations Tuesday, priced at US$1,199, $1,499, and $1,799,” Think Secret reports.

“Based on the pricing information it is clear that Apple is simply cutting the 17-inch iMac out of the picture,” Think Secret reports.

The redesigned 20-inch iMac will start at $1,199 and the 24-inch iMac will start at $1,799, according to the Think Secret report.

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AppleInsider concurs, “According to one source, Apple has issued to suppliers three new iMac price points for models that are expected to be immediately available following their introduction on Tuesday.”

“Apple currently offers two 17-inch iMac configurations (for $999 and $1199, respectively), a 20-inch configuration for $1499, and a high-end 24-inch configuration for $1999. However, the new pricing information suggest Apple will drop one configuration and sell just three models at $1199, $1499 and $1799,” AppleInsider reports.

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MacRumors reports, “We’ve received word that price points for the new ‘Good,’ ‘Better,’ and ‘Ultra’ iMac models will fall at $1199, $1499, and $1799 price points. No details beyond this are available, and it does not exclude the possibility of other configurations.”

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Other possibilities for today’s Apple event (starts 10am PDT/1pm EDT) include a revamped .Mac service, the fate of the Mac mini, iLife, and even the possibility of an ultra-portable, lightweight MacBook Pro.


  1. I hope they keep the 17″.

    It’s a great all-in-one starter machine with plenty of kick… as long as it has a real graphics card. I was thinking of getting one for my mother. Her old 500mhz G3 iMac is looooooooong in the tooth!

  2. I think they should keep the 17″ too. It fits so well on many desks where a 20 or 24 (or 30) would be just too big.

    Most importantly, it fits so well on those provided desks in college dorms.

  3. “The Mac mini… perfect for… schools switching from PC towers.”

    Not so much, for “mini” reasons:

    –too small, and no way to secure it well from walking off without buying additional hardware.
    –we seldom have extra monitors. The old PC CRTs are dying faster than the towers.
    –assuming a tower or desktop dies, the keyboard and mice are usually PS2 and the extra adapter to USB is extra and kinda sucks.
    –More bang for the buck from desktop Macs with easier access to RAM and hard drives (and faster ones at that) – we do actually have space for the computers, we don’t need the small form factor.

    But, the low-end iMacs are too expensive, and the LCD screens need protection in school full of fingers and pencils and pens and markers and whiteout, etc…

    Give us a $600 (edu pricing) iMac 17″ with even a single core processor, 160GB HD, 1GB RAM, and Apple will sell so many to schools it will make their heads spin. They can even take out the airport and bluetooth, as most schools already have wiring infrastructure, and hard-wired Macs are heck of a lot easier to manage with ARD (can’t wake an Airport-connected Mac from sleep remotely).

    Quality is important, OS X is the best, but the bottom line with budgets and administrators is usually the price.

    And I hope these new MacBooks I’m setting up in carts will be as durable as the iBooks have been. They just don’t feel quite as durable, but time will tell. Also curious to see how the kids productively use the webcam, or if they just waste time with it.

  4. Even with a complete refresh to the iMac line, I don’t think Apple will cut the 17″ iMac all together. I bet they keep it around in a low end, education only, version. If they don’t, I bet schools will be asking for it — think what happened just before they came out with the original eMac.

    Either way I’m excited to see whatever Steve has up his sleeve.

  5. I really wish Apple would keep an under-$1,000 version of the iMac… It has been great to finally be able to tell friends they could switch from Windows and get a great all-in-one Mac for $999. 17 inches is enough for a lot of people. Or why not offer a 17-inch iMac now for $799? I love my 24-inch iMac and obviously wish everyone had one, but I’d rather just get more macs out there than force big screens and premium costs on a smaller audience.

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