Live coverage of Apple’s August 7, 2007 special media event

Apple StoreApple’s special “Mac-centric” media event begins today at 10am PDT/1pm EDT at the Apple Town Hall on Apple’s Cupertino, CA corporate campus.

Live updates in reverse chronological order:

• End of event.
• Q: Multi-touch on Macs? Jobs: Makes sense for iPhone, not sure it makes sense for Mac. Classify it as a research project.
• “There’s some stuff in our industry that we wouldn’t be proud to ship; that we wouldn’t be proud to recommend to our family and friends. And, we can’t do it; we just can’t ship junk.” – Steve Jobs
• Jobs promises some news about Apple TV soon – not today, though.
• Jobs: Google and Apple are working closely together – they’re buying a lot of iPhones at Google.
• Mac mini gets refresh – speed bump today – will be on Apple website shortly
• Jobs moves to Q&A session…
• iWork ’08 – US$79, available today.
• “Flexible Canvas” – multiple tables on single page
• Columns can be sorted and filtered
• Easy spreadsheet printing – (Chairs have to be flying in Redmond.)
• Jobs Demos “Numbers” – Jobs: “Spreadsheet for the rest of us.”
• “Numbers” features “Intelligent Tables” for easy formulas – Excel-compatible.
• Jobs debuts “Numbers” – new spreadsheet app for iWork ’08
• Pages now offers distinct word processor mode – for those that just want it to be a WP – page layout mode for those that want it…
• Keynote features new text effects and transitions
• Keynote upgrades with new themes – instant alpha channel for easy overlays
• iWork ’08…
• 1.8 million copies sold of iWork to date
• .Mac upgraded to 10GB storage – $99.95 annual membership stays the same.
• GarageBand: 24-bit audio, multi-take recording…
• Immediately: all new Macs include iLife ’08. Jobs: Save $79, buy a new Mac today!
• iDVD – new themes, better performance
• iWeb – personal domain support added
• iWeb’s Live Web Widgets let you embed Google Maps, for example, directly into your web pages…
• iWeb – can sign up for Google Adsense from within app
• Jobs uploads movie to a .Mac Web Gallery, higher resolution than a DVD.
• Can encode movies in multiple resolutions for viewing in Web Gallery, on iPhone, etc.
• Jobs demos iMovie – making a movie quickly…
• As with iPhoto, you can “skim” clips from main library w/o playing – can just scrub through (like a real video editor)
• Publish to YouTube directly via iMovie.
• Integrated with .Mac as with iPhoto – can view and share via Mac, .Mac, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV…
• New interface – very quick, polished movie editing
• iMovie is an all-new app – new icon… HD capable…
• .Mac Web Gallery behaves like iPhoto on your desktop – full-featured experience
• Others can contribute to Web Galleries – via iPhones, Macs
• One-button photo sharing – “rich Web 2.0 experience.” iPhone, your Mac, .Mac – all synced
• iPhoto and .Mac – “Web Gallery” – works with iPhone, too.
• Apple has over 1.7 million .Mac members…
• Option to hide and show photos – Jobs demos iPhoto
• iPhoto “events” makes large photo libraries manageable – organize into “events.”
• iLife ’08… Biggest jump since iLife was introduced
• New thin matching keyboard with 2 USB posts – optional wireless (Bluetooth) available – as seen previously (it was real) – with dedicated keys for Dashboard, Expose, etc.
• 24″ – $1799, 20″ – $1199 and $1499
• Intel Core 2 Duo processors, up to 2.8 GHZ, up to 4 GB of memory, up to 1TB storage
• iSight built-in
• Easy to add RAM. SuperDrive, 3 USB 2.0 ports…
• iMac – aluminum, glossy. FireWire 400 and FireWire 800. 20-inch and 24-inch models…
• Showing slide of Mac vs. PC industry growth over past 12 month period.
• Start off talking about the Mac today – Mac is growing 3x the industry over past year.
• Steve Jobs take stage: Good morning.
• Press being seated – waiting for event to begin…
• 9:51am PDT: Apple Store now offline.
• 9:45am PDT: Event due to begin in 15 minutes.

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We expect the “Mac Web” to be pummeled today, so here are links to other sites offering live coverage of the Apple event:

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We will add to this list with more links throughout the morning. If you have a link for live coverage of the event, please email for inclusion on the above list.


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