AT&T to offer wireless music downloads, Apple iPhone excluded

“After the successful launch of Apple’s iPhone, AT&T is readying a new wireless service which would allow its customers to download music from eMusic on their mobile phones,” Max Brenn reports for eFluxMedia.

“AT&T’s fee per song of $1.50 is below Verizon’s $1.99 but higher than Sprint’s, which is $0.99,” Brenn reports.

MacDailyNews Note: AT&T customers can subscribe to download five tracks a month for $7.49, with additional packages of five songs available for the same price.

“Bad news though: the craved gadget that has shaken the entire telecom industry, aka the iPhone, will not work with the new services, despite having an iPod incorporated in it,” Brenn reports. “Handsets from Samsung or Nokia however will be compatible.”

“AT&T said eMusic would allow customers to preview selections before they commit to a purchase. As with rival services, users can download a copy of each song purchased to their computer at no extra charge,” Brenn reports.

Full article here.

AT&T’s press release is here.


  1. um…eMusic?

    Have you ever tried it?

    I don’t recall them having regular releases…more rarities, oddball, etc… not an ordinary music service.

    I am glad they exist, have used them

    but I am very surprised that this will matter very much to the general public.

  2. @Mac-nugget – iTunes music is neither “confound” nor confined to iPods nor has it ever been. All you do is convert the selection to another format or at worst, you need to burn the file to a CD and then re-import to iTunes and it is DRM free.

  3. Amusing this is. Did AT&T’s left hand not know what the right one was doing? Or is this another “executive committee decision?”

    At least it’s good for a laugh …

    MW: choice as in ‘What a lame choice for AT&T.”

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