Apple to announce Q3 07 results, webcast conference call today

A reminder that Apple Inc. is set to announce Q3 07 financial results after market close today.

Apple will provide live audio streaming of its FY 07 Third Quarter Results Conference Call utilizing Apple’s industry-leading QuickTime multimedia software.

The live audio webcast will be accessible through Apple’s web site here.

Analysts’ consensus estimates for Apple’s 3rd fiscal quarter expect revenue of $5.28 billion and net income of $645.6 million, or 72 cents per share, up from $472.0 million, or 54 cents per share, for the year-ago period. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer’s guidance for Q3 07 expects “revenue of about $5.1 billion and earnings per diluted share of about $.66.”


  1. Today Apple will announce FDA approval for their new iPhone Nano. It utilizes new nanotechnology and ultra-miniaturization to bring you a cell phone implant near your cheekbone. Now you can make phone calls on a cellular level. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I went to an Apple store the other day determined to buy an iPhone. I went in saw a few were open and started to play around with them. I was mightly impressed and I really need a new iPod since mine died a couple of months ago. Then it hit me, what am I really going to use this for? I don’t have that much need for all of that connectivity. I was willing to pay the price, but then I realized, if I wait a couple of more years, the price will be down significantly and hopefully the network would have finally caught up to the capabilities of the iPhone. I put it down and said, I’ll get an iPod and new iMac whenever Apple finally decides to release it.

  3. Apple probably will not announce or mention iPhone sales. I hope someone asks how many iPhones were made and shipped to retailers prior to the launch.

    That would tell us how many phones were sold, because, all stores and Apple were sold out by the following week.

  4. It is the optimistic outlook that will blow away the market and drive the stock price after hours. Oh and the announement of over 1 million units sold already. Almost 2000 places to buy, for 27 days with as little as 19 units per local per day we go over a million. So we know that early typical adopters amounts to close to 3 million buyers so if Apple made them and got them to a store we will see a million sold already.

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