Apple releases QuickTime 7.2 for Mac and Windows; adds full screen viewing

Apple today released QuickTime 7.2 for Mac and Windows which addresses critical security issues and delivers:

• Support for full screen viewing in QuickTime Player
• Updates to the H.264 codec
• Numerous bug fixes

This release is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.

QuickTime 7.2 is available via Software Update and also as standalone installers.

More info and download links:
QuickTime 7.2 for Mac (51.4MB)
QuickTime 7.2 for Windows (19.3MB)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Wingsy” for the heads up.]


  1. “updates … at days like this, I worry about having so many macs.”

    Tell me about it – I have 250 under my purview, from the latest MacBooks to a couple old iMac DVs and G3 blue and whites, still purring along running Tiger.

    Apple, just please get the updates all out of the way soon (for a while, anyway), so I can make my drive images and start getting ready for school!

  2. It sure would be helpful if Apple could make these updates modular so we don’t have to download the whole thing every time. Often just for a minor patch we have to download the full app. What a waste of bandwidth.


    Try and watch a fullscreen movie on a second monitor. As soon as you click another app on the main monitor the movie comes out of full screen and comes back to the main screen.

    Year after year, Apples software is starting to look a bit rushed. It never was this bad back in the day.

    New features, new problems.

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