RUMOR: Ultra-thin, ulra-light MacBook Pro coming from Apple by year end

“Trusted sources informed MacScoop that Apple is headed towards the release of a notebook that is so small and light that it could redefine the standards of ultra-portable computing,” Alexandros Roussos reports for MacScoop.

“The new notebook is likely to complete the MacBook Pro line-up with a smaller version featuring a 12 inch display,” Roussos reports.

“the new notebook is said to be half as thick, or something between 0.6 and 0.7 inch (15 to 18 millimetres). It will also be, by far, the lightest computer Apple ever released, or less than 3 pounds (<1.36Kg)," Roussos reports. Full article here.


  1. I have this feeling…that we may need to prime ourselves for something besides “just” an ultrathin book. What about a new book that has a double-sided monitor all with multi-touch? Either side could function as the keyboard. We now know the keyboard doesn’t need to actually be present (see iPhone). What does everyone think? Too expensive? Technically unrealistic at this stage?

  2. For goodness sake Apple inc. give us a chance to build up some funds!!!!

    It is going to take me a year to convert all that Camel’s Milk I couldn’t get to the iphone iqueue’s to sell into cheese. Which I hope to sell for a premium so that I can afford a new Mac Book Pro with Leopard pre-installed!!!


  3. This should sell well in Japan. I remember the little Duo notebooks, and the 2400 which were very popular there. And for many people, the retired 12″ PowerBook was ideal (we owned two of them in my family) with features not available in the iBooks. I know there are many who prefer the smaller form factor and are willing to forego a larger screen.

    Now were Apple to consider a high-dpi display as they have done via an optional upgrade to the 17″ MBP, then folks could have more than a paltry XVGA 1024×768 desktop. And with Leopard’s reported resolution-independence, this might be more likely than my pure speculation would imply.

  4. Take the phone stuff out of the iPhone, add some I/O connectivity such as USB, FW, PCMCIA, Ethernet, external monitor, put all that hardware under a nice 12″ tactile display, and boom : you get a multi-touch ultra portable Mac.

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