How to free yourself from Sprint contract for Apple iPhone

“Hundreds of cell phone customers are being given the boot, accused of being too high maintenance,” reports. “Sprint-Nextel is disconnecting more than 1,000 subscribers on grounds the clients call customer service too often and make ‘unreasonable requests.’;

“The 1,200 people getting dropped will have to find a new carrier by the end of the month,” reports. “A Sprint representative said the average customer calls customer service less than once a month, but the 1,200 clients getting the boot call 40-50 times as often.” reports, “In a statement, the company said: ‘Rather than continue to operate in a situation that was unsatisfactory for Sprint and our subscribers, we chose to terminate our relationship with those customers to allow them to pursue other options.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tremor” for the heads up.]

Good news for Sprint customers eyeing Apple’s iPhone, just get on the horn to Sprint and start making “unreasonable requests.” You know, like asking repeatedly, “When are you going to get real phones and stop offering only dinosaur technology?”


  1. Ha! ha! ha! haaaaaaa!!!!!! You’ve just got to love those sprint customers who have opened this backdoor! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Can one of you tell us some of the lines you used to bug them to hell?

    Did you ask for Visual voicemail? Wi-Fi? wot? wot? PULEASE DO TELL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow… My first attribution!

    Abdullah, I don’t care who these customers are that are soon-to-be-former-Sprint customers, or where they go for that matter. The point is that if you are under a Sprint contract, and you want out so you can get an iPhone with out the early cancelation fee, there is a way.

  3. Sprint wouldn’t want to state the actual amount, and encourage others to use the same tactic. I think it would be a safe bet that the actual call rate is far less than “40 – 50” times average.

    I’d also bet that the number one customer service request was for better coverage/complaints about dropped calls. Thopse would have been my complaints.

    Instaed I paid $150 to cancel my Sprint service in order to get an iPhone. Best money I’ve ever spent on a “cell phone”.

  4. Sprint is using the same tactic Fidel Castro used – take all the misfits from Cuba’s jails and send them off on rafts to the U.S.

    AT&T must be “pleased”. Thanks, Sprint. Really yeah thank you.

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