Apple’s iPhone gets early business buyers, users

“Two ‘firsts’ may have been recorded for the iPhone on Tuesday as a Baltimore firm reported it is in the vanguard of enterprise purchases of the handset and a music-licensing company said it may be the first to license a song on the iPhone,” W. David Gardner reports for InformationWeek.

“Mike Karfakis, president and CEO of Vitamin, a boutique design and marketing firm, surprised his employees by giving them iPhones. Noting that Vitamin’s five employees spend at least 80% of their working hours online, Karfakis said the devices are invaluable for online research, blog reading, podcast listening, e-mail sending, and video watching,” Gardner reports.

“Also on Tuesday, Rumblefish, a sonic branding and music-licensing agency, said it licensed a song by a group called the Procussions in an action that took less than three minutes. Rumblefish said it believes the licensing was the first song to be so licensed on the iPhone,” Gardner reports.

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  1. Wow. If I knew the threshold was so low, I would have previously reported that my business partner and I both have iPhones.

    I also want to report that I was probably the first person to visit the Clear Sky Clock — a a special weather-forecasting service for astronomers — with an iPhone. It impressed my friends.

  2. And so it continues……..the first grain of sand will quickly add up to the sand dunes that built the sea….the sea of sand that spreads from land to sea……

    I could also state:-

    And so it continues…….the first snow flake that heralded the beginning of a season of change…….the snowflake that broke the mountains back (Not broke back mountain!) and unleashed an avalanche of biblical proportions……..The avalanche that swept all the crap clean off the mountain slopes taking with it the odd crappy software or two and thus wiping the slate clean for a newer, better and more opportunistic future…

    Nuff said!

  3. Early bird gets the worm, people. There is nothing like a solid PR effort – whether you are a two person show or a 100 person corporation. Vitamin’s boutique structure allows us to do cool things like this for our people while still providing stellar deliverables to our clients.

    Comment away….it is all about the chatter : )

    Mike (yes, a shameless plug)

  4. @Mike,

    You don’t have any job openings, do you. I already spend 80% of my time online, so I’d only have to adjust 20% of my schedule to accomodate you guys… and I guarantee I could handle it really, really easily. So, whaddayasay???? And I could really use an iPhone. –

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