iPhone waiting lines grow at Apple Store Fifth Avenue

MacDailyNews reader Mark Chessler sent some photos snapped today at Apple Store Fifth Avenue that show more people queuing up for iPhones. In addition, Flickr user “Web2.0 Style” has more photos available here.

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  1. I wish a regular looking person (non obese, non disheveled, non truck driver Joe sixpack) would’ve beaten that publicity seeker to the front of the line. I’m already tired of seeing him, and he is clearly not a typical Apple type of person.

    And yes, I’m a snob, and quite glad to be.

  2. Hey look, a persons shortcomings are fine as long as they are able to admit what a fsck they really are.

    If this person wants to be a schmuck, they are entitled to be, it’s America, as long as they have a high comfort level with the fact that their childhood insecurities cause them to be immature adults, then we should say congrats.

  3. You know, there is nothing like this on the dark side. It’s really sad that it would take the same company to bring the pc out of the darkness. And, this is the same company that was beleaguered for years; that everyone (most) wrote off decades ago. Sadder still that only Apple could do something this grand. I believe this is SJ’s magnum opus 1…

  4. You know I sent my Butler to go wait in line, and I see he sent my cook instead. He’s in big trouble. Oh well, I still won’t have to pay extra to have them wait for me.
    I’d like to know what my Butler’s doing though, and who’s cooking dinner???

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