AT&T: Where to find an Apple iPhone (limit one per person)

“With iPhone arriving June 29th at 6 p.m. in AT&T retail stores, the wait is almost over. Use our online store locator to find the closest AT&T store that sells Apple iPhone (limit one per person). We’ll show you maps, directions, and everything you need to get your hands on an iPhone as quickly as possible.” AT&T writes in an email sent out to those who signed up for Apple iPhone information.

Find an AT&T store that sells Apple iPhones here:


  1. Tried the link and it says that AT&T’s website is under maintenance. What a convenient way to find a store! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. whatever: “What if you want to replace both of your ATT phones you have now on your family plan and can only buy one. This Sucks”

    Bring your spouse with you, or
    Go to Apple Store, or
    Buy another iPhone the next day, or
    Buy iPhones from the online stores, or
    Wait until the hype dies out
    and so on.

    It’s not that hard. You won’t die if all your family members don’t get iPhones on the first day.

  3. If you really want to avoid a long line your best bet is to skip the Apple stores and find an AT&T location in a “not-so-well-to-do” area.

    I personally live in Anaheim, Ca. and have at least 5 nearby Apple stores in malls, but I’m going to drive a few miles north to Buena Park.. I hate to stereotype, but I don’t think that most people living in Buena Park can afford an iPhone.

  4. @ Skip the Apple stores.

    My options are:

    U-Village Apple store – upscale outdoor mall, Chicos/Coldwater Creek/Crate and Barrel clientele. No shortage of cash here.

    Bellevue Mall – Stones throw from MS, plastic goy toys, rich kids with Porches. This one’s gonna be a zoo.


    Maybe I’ll just go get in line now.


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