Apple to sell nearly 400,000 iPhones in first 4 hours

“Apple’s iDay will put a $200 million revenue ka-ching on the end of this quarter,” Scott Moritz reports for

“The temps are trained, crowd control measures are in place and the stage is all set for Friday’s debut of the huge iPhone. If Apple can pull it all off, this most orchestrated of product introductions should manage to move nearly 400,000 phones out the door on the first day,” Moritz reports.

“Follow this math: There are 162 Apple stores and 1,800 AT&T shops — so exactly 1,962 sales outlets will be pushing the iPhone,” Moritz reports. “The current rumor is that each store is being rationed somewhere between 100 to 250 phones.” Sales will begin at 6pm and end at 10pm local time across the U.S.

“All the campers, long-line sitters and the rest of the willfully determined soon-to-be iPhone owners will likely clean out the shelves in the allotted time. That, of course, assumes that each sale takes 10 minutes or less, and that each store has at least eight clerks ringing the register,” Moritz reports.

“So with 1,962 stores and let’s say 200 phones per store, Apple stands to sell some 392,000 iPhones, I can now reveal,” Moritz reports. “With each phone selling for an average price of $550, Apple stands to take in $216 million in revenue on the evening of June 29. And that’s not including online sales.”

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  1. “With the final changes to the iPhone made last week — including an improved battery and glass instead of plastic screens — it’s fair to assume the phone has just recently been put into full production. This seems to rule out the notion that there are warehouses stuffed to the ceiling with pallets of iPhones.”

    Frankly, I don’t believe this statement at all. I think Apple just used the announcement to drive the fervour but that they had made the changes and the production a long time ago. They’ve had six months. It’s very clever promotion but Apple would not hold off production for something like that. They’d hold off the announcement to build demand closer to the launch.

  2. the fact that the public has only been able to get quick flashes but not be able to touch an iPhone is ample evidence for me that cptnkirk is correct that the changes were made long ago. only Apple executives/board members and those who’ve been nda-ed to test out an iPhone have been allowed to touch an iPhone.

    all that testing and usage is another reason to believe that the battery numbers are accurate or conservative. for the last 3-4 years, reviewers have shown that apple has beaten every battery number they’ve put out there for ipods.

  3. @shen

    getting an iPhone for the wife, before you get one???? we know who wears the pants in your family,lol

    At least be smart about it, get her to sign some type of agreement, that if she ever leaves you, she can have the house, your pension, the dog, but the iPhone stays with you!!!!

  4. Based on those predictions, and if they come true, within those 4 hours Apple will sell 3.92% of the 10 million iPhone goal set for sale by the end of 2008. If they can continue production and continue meeting demands, there’s no way they could fail.

    The iPhone is bitchin’!!

    And it’s just gotten “started”.

  5. derek, you should know that is NOT how i meant that!

    …if i meant it that way…. hell i could get at least 3 phones for her on trade. if i can find someone partial to hot redheads, maybe even 4 with prepaid 2 plans!

    you going to be in line that day? should i post pictures?

    MW: if she read this i would be “black” and blue all over…

  6. Anyone else out there with an interest in OSX and Apple computers? Just wondering.


    Absolutely…. But at the moment, the iPhone is Apple’s latest (mobile) computer that runs OSX.

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