San Francisco Chronicle: Apple iPhone will change the very nature of mobile communications

“Call it the iPhone effect. That’s what you get when you throw a potentially game-changing device from an innovative pioneer into an established but still evolving industry. Apple’s uber-phone, a media and Internet device that goes on sale Friday, has the potential to create seismic shifts in the cell phone industry larger than the size of the iPhone’s sales, analysts and observers said,” Ryan Kim reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“With its radically different approach, the iPhone is expected to cause a collective rethinking on everything from hardware design and user interface to consumer expectations and media consumption. It might even prompt a new gold rush in Silicon Valley, if you believe some enthusiasts,” Kim reports. “This means that even if you never buy the shiny, expensive gizmo, its influence could reach you in a number of ways.”

Kim reports, “Apple has been able to create a phone to run on its own platform, said John Maeda, associated director of research at MIT’s media labs. ‘That’s a game changer. Most manufacturers, their hands are tied. This is amazing.'”

Kim reports, “‘What we’re seeing is the beginning of a possible sea change,’ Michael Gartenberg, a Jupiter Research analyst, said. ‘Apple is educating consumers about what phones can do.’

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. How about creating “iPhoneDailyNews” and putting all the iPhone news on it, instead of here at “MacDailyNews”.

    I mean, I like the iPhone and all…but I’m getting a little tired of reading the same iPhone articles all the time. And with the nature of this device, it looks like iPhone news will continue for some time.

    Just a thought.

  2. M@C

    Its the HOT news at the moment, just like we saw all the Zune stuff last fall, I just like to see any Apple news here, skip thru if you are not interested.

    I am sure in a few more weeks we will see a lot of Mac news, with new models, and OS X 10.5

  3. how about, if you are tired of reading the articles, you don’t click on the bloody damned link?!?

    i mean how stupid do you have to be to click a link on a topic you don’t want to read, then read it, then comment on it?

    that isn’t stupid once, that is stupid 3 times. in a row. for everyone to see.

    i bet your mother is so proud….

  4. having said the above…..

    i think this is the most important point about the iPhone. even if it never gets more than 1% of the market, it is like the GUI introduction. everyone will follow. they have too. the market share and sales have yet to be seen, but the influence is already huge. even before a single unit is sold.

    and that is a major driving point for Steve i think. he doesn’t want to own the world, or control all the market share. he wants to change the world. the fact that vista is a knock off of OS X is a success to him. the fact that zune is as poor imitation of the iPod means he has won, at least to him.

    …that chinese knock off phone? that means that Apple already won this round before they even took a swing.

  5. that is interesting. because i point out the obvious “if you don’t want to read it, you are the one who controls that” i need to chill (as if i am upset that people are showing that they are idiots) but the people who waste time and effort to comment on something they don’t care about, well, that is time well spent!

    MW: that “might” make sense in Ballmer bizzaro world, but here, that is just number 4 in the list of ways you are showing your are a moron.

  6. iPhone is what the media outlets are reporting. MDN can’t fabricate Mac news so that there is something else to read. There will be little to no Mac news until a while after the iPhone’s release. If you find some Mac news, please lest the MDN staff know so they can post it. Maybe even write an article yourself.

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