iPhone: Apple’s VoIP endgame (free calls)

“When Steve Jobs first demoed the iPhone in January 2007, he made it clear that reaching someone by typing their phone number onto a keypad was no longer acceptable, albeit tolerated. Instead, he showed an Address Book interface that unifies the concept of a “Person” across all forms of communications on the iPhone, be it iChat, e-Mail, or a Normal Phone Call,” Chris Holland writes for Internet Brands Developer Blog.

“While an ‘Address Book’ seems as trivially simple a concept as it isn’t new to anyone who’s used a mobile phone within the last decade, seeing it executed ‘The Apple Way’ in a larger synchronized ecosystem, helps paint a picture of possibilities that lie ahead,” Holland writes.

“Picture unlimited free calls over WiFi/IP without even having to ‘think about it,’ by simply picking a Person from your Address Book, and hitting ‘call’ …The same way you’d make a Normal Phone Call,” Holland writes.

“When calling somebody, the iPhone could detect whether WiFi connectivity is available, and whether there is a SIP Address for the person i’m looking to call. If both these conditions are met, the iPhone could perform a ‘pure SIP Call’ over the Internet, without ever touching the carrier’s or any phone company’s network. Blam. Free call. An icon might indicate to me that this call is a free, un-metered Voice-over-IP call,” Holland writes.

More in the full article here.


  1. “Kinda sucks if your AT&T and selling this thing, all the while cutting your own throat.”

    “hy would AT&T care? You’ve signed a two year contract. They still get paid.”

    Jay, meet No Squirt For You. No Squirt For You, meet Jay.

  2. I think I’m getting trapped into the same thing we’ve been bitching about for six months here-people making judgements about iPhone without the product or all of the facts on hand-my bad.

  3. If ATT can pick up enough switchers from other providers, they might not mind the loss in revenue. And free calls over VoIP would pretty much guarantee that they would. It’s going to happen sooner or later anyway. Might as well do it first while you have an exclusive contract and have everybody else scrambling to catch up.

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