Apple’s iPhone is priced just right

History has taught us that iPhone’s starting price US$499 “isn’t too high for a cellphone,” Brian Lam writes for Gizmodo. “Get in your mental Delorean and remember that little handset called the Motorola RAZR.”

Lam writes, “It was 2004 when the RAZR launched in the US as a high-end design clamshell. It was $600, with a $100 dollar rebate from Cingular. Reviewers complained about the price, but back then the phone was revolutionary enough that no one could pan it. It dialed, like any other phone, and did basic text messaging, and more. But it was just a thin, beautiful design ahead of it’s time. And it sold… Within 2 years, it shipped its 50 millionth phone worldwide.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “DMRDave” for the heads up.]


  1. I still find this argument about price amusing. Whenever any new Treo, Windows Mobile Phone, etc. comes out, it’s $500-$800 initially, with the price dropping in 6 months. But yet no outcry about the price.

    The difference here is that the iPhone price likely won’t drop much if at all, both due to demand and Apple’s traditional pricing structures.

  2. The RAZR “was just a thin, beautiful design ahead of it’s time.”

    Except they left out one minor detail: making the user interface NOT SUCK. You cannot make a pretty box and have people fawn all over it if it’s a pain in the ass to use and non-intuitive. The RAZR sucks out loud in this category.

    The iPhone on the other hand looks to be well thought out like all other Apple products and probably will endear itself to most of its users.

    I plan on videotaping myself smashing me RAZR with a hammer after I get my iPhone. It is possible the CEO of Motorola will get a copy of this video that explains this is what happens when you half-ass your designs. No repeat customers.

  3. I hate my RAZR. Sure, it’s pretty, but its interface sucks and I often press the wrong numbers when dialing or texting. I so wish I had AT&T instead of Verizon. I’d love to buy iPhone.

  4. How many of the nay-sayers who have written FUD pieces about the iPhone have spent in excess of two-thousand dollars for a fine Swiss watch that is considered multi-function if it has a date feature?

    I have no doubt whatsoever the iPhone will eventually be sold at Wal-Mart, Target, and other fine stores.

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  5. I too have a RAZR, and probably the only reason the interface doesn’t annoy me too much is because I hardly ever use anything beyond the basic calling feature. I’d like to get an iPhone, but right now I don’t have the money so it will probably have to wait a while (I have to wait until it’s available in Canada anyways).

    But it’s a good point. Even when I got my RAZR after they had been out some time (2005), they were still $450 CDN or $179 CDN with a 3-year contract ($200 buyout). And they don’t do 1/10th as much as the iPhone, or have 1/100th as nice a user interface.

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