Apple Design Awards 2007 winners for outstanding achievement in Mac OS X software

Apple has announced the Apple Design Awards 2007 winners.

The Apple Design Awards, now in their 12th year, recognize technical excellence and outstanding achievement in Mac OS X software design and development.

Winners by category:
• Leopard Application: Delicious Library 2.0 (alpha) – Delicious Monster
• User Experience: Coda 1.0 – Panic Inc.
• Developer Tool: CSSEdit 2.5 – MacRabbit
• Game: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade 2.0 – Blizzard Entertainment
• Scientific Computing Solution: Papers 1.0 – Alexander Griekspoor and Tom Groothuis
• Dashboard Widget: BART Widget 1.0 – Bret Victor
• Student Product: Picturesque 1.0 – Zac Cohen

More information for each of the above winning apps here.


  1. Delicious Library totaly rocks, I’ve got a fairly big library (120 movies, 130 CDs, and nearly 500 books) and have been putting it all in DL, it picks up 90% by ISBN and has a fairly good chance of picking up the others, only had a few foriegn books and pre-1900 printings that didn’t show up. Searching for books is nice, as well as the stuff for loaning it out to friends.

    If anyone has a bunch of books/CDs/Movies and want some help keeping track of them all this is the app for you, even has a dashboard search that really works nicely.

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