Ars Technica: Safari 3 Public Beta for Mac OS X: better, faster, and stable, too

“The look of Safari 3 is the look of Safari 2, which is the look of Safari 1. There are no radical changes to the UI,” Charles Jade reports for Ars Technica.

“Setting aside performance tests as marketing, Safari does ‘feel’ faster to me. Using Safari 3 on a 2.0GHz Core Duo iMac and a 1.25GHz PowerBook, my perception was that pages were rendering faster,” Jade reports.

“Safari 3 is a better browser. It’s not only faster, but I’ve noticed better compatibility from at least one site already, Blockbuster Online. Then there’s stability. I have had no crashes of the beta in a day or so of constant use with with both the Intel and PPC version. So far, Safari 3 has made for a better Internet experience, so much so that I intend to make it my default browser now,” Jade reports.

Much more in the full article here.


  1. You don’t need Saft: just go to

    History: Reopen all windows from last session

    Essentially the same thing. You can even assign a menu shortcut in
    System Preferences: Keyboard & Mouse: Keyboard Shortcuts

  2. SAFT has other features not in this Beta 3 version, including “auto complete always on”, blocking images/plug-ins, save browser window including all tabs for future access, and full screen access.

    Then there is AcidSearch and its much more helpful search function, SafariStand and its tab sidebar, and PithHelmet with its site blocking function. None of these are compatible with Beta 3. The shake-out continues.

  3. The one & only person I know who is running Vista (on an HP laptop) is a guest I’ve had here for the past week. She’s been using my Mac for a week now, and is sick that she has to go back to Vista now that she’s gone back home. But one thing that has soften the blow was when I told her she could have Safari on Vista. She installed it and took it for a test drive through all of her favorite web sites, and others. Did not find one that didn’t work properly, including her bank. She loves it. (I got the same results running Safari on my Macbook under XP and MacOSX.)

    I don’t know where all the criticism is coming from, but there are two people out of two that I know of who have no issues at all, and think it’s great.

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