CNET: The summer of Apple looms

“Apple is preparing for one of the most pivotal summers in its history,” Tom Krazit reports for CNET News. “On June 29, the company is expected to release the iPhone, perhaps one of the most hyped gadgets in history… But before it gets to the iPhone launch, Apple will pause next week to shift the spotlight back to its core Macintosh business.”

“On Monday, Jobs is scheduled to give the keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco… WWDC is expected to be dominated by Apple’s Leopard OS… Developers will walk away with a near-final copy of Leopard, and Jobs is expected to provide further details on some of the features inside the new release. Apple does not plan to ship the final version until October,” Krazit reports.

“While Leopard is certainly important to Apple’s developers, the rest of the world is likely to be looking for any new nuggets Jobs reveals about the iPhone. The iPhone, analysts argue, is more than just a new product for Apple. It’s an entirely new business that, if successful, will give the company three distinct product lines–Macintosh computers, iPods and the iPhone (not to mention a smaller fourth line, the Apple TV)–to maintain Apple’s strong growth,” Krazit reports.

Krazit reports, “The iPhone runs Mac OS X and Jobs promises it will deliver the ‘full Internet’ to a mobile phone. Moreover, he said, at the January Macworld conference: ‘We have reinvented the phone.'”

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  1. Check out this image from C/NET. Evidently it’s one of a number of large banners hanging at WWDC. Notice the Appleworks image in the background and one ‘drawing of the image with a hammer ( signifying work in progress). Could this be an indicator that IWORK is being renamed as Appleworks?
    Bringing back the name ‘Appleworks’ isn’t so far off, I mean, the ‘I’ this and ‘I’ that moniker is getting a bit old…..It could just be a pod, mac, and Appleworks couldn’t it? The laptops aren’t I’s anymore and it’s the apple TV not I TV so why should there be an “Imac”? Time to move on…
    Check out the banner!

  2. Grognard, check your hard drive, the logo/icon in the banner is the applications folder/sidebar/icon in OSX. I wish they’d morph iWork into a simple to use appleworks bundle, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  3. If they deliver a suite it’ll be known as ‘MacWorks’.
    Steve likes all the Mac products to have ‘Mac’ in the name. This would indicate competition with Office and a ‘new’ implementation of ‘AppleWorks’ at the same time.

    ILife and iWork make a strong Mac team out of the box.

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