Apple iPhone ad hints at mystery app

“In looking through Apple’s newly posted iPhone ads on their site, I noticed something interesting,” Dr. Macinstein reports for – natch – Macenstein.

“In every shot we have ever seen of the iPhone’s main menu thus far, there are 3 rows of icons for applications (2 rows of 4 icons, and the 3rd row has 3 icons) for a total of 11 icons,” Macinstein reports.

“However, there is an odd shot in the newly released ‘How- To’ iPhone ad, where the screen goes from the traditional 11 icon view, to a new 12 icon view… Apparently some mystery app has pushed the icons down 1 slot, but we cannot see what it is,” Macinstein reports.

“The idea that the iPhone will add functionality and apps via software updates is nothing new; Apple has mentioned as much,” Macinstein reports. “[But] what is the mystery app that has bumped all these apps down one spot?”

Full article, with screenshots, here.

Apple’s “How To” iPhone ad:

Higher quality version that can be stepped through frame by frame via iPhone ad “How To”


  1. Ahhh… but we don’t know what that mystery app is and we’ve got 26 more days to contemplate, talk about, wonder, guess, and dig about to discover it. And that kind of publicity can’t be bought.

    Apple KNOWS fanboys will pour over every word and picture morsel put out there and what better way to keep the [free] publicity rolling then to keep the mystery app a mystery – at least for now?

    Tonight your discovery sits in the “upcoming stories” on Digg. By next week it could be a very big story on the “popular stories” garnering more publicity.

  2. what is the mystery app that has bumped all these apps down one spot?

    Uh, the “Tricks are for Kids” button?

    No, the nuke the Middle East and let Allah sort them out button?

    No, the lets pull out odf Iraq prematurely like cowards button!

    No? Ahh, it’s the nuke Redmond button!!

    Help anyone, throw me a bone here.

  3. It took me a while. It’s only on frame for a fraction of a second. It’s right at the beginning, and the finger presses the “iPod” button for the first time… Check out the article and it has frame grabs from the high-res version on the Apple website…

  4. Then click on the damn link for screenshots!

    It’s very brief but I see it.

    Pause the video at exactly 27 seconds and you see the icon arrangement has changed. There are 4 at the bottom row when there’s normally 3.

  5. whoa!!!

    take another look, this is incredible. look closely at the glare coming off the phone during the shot of the “12th app”. you can see who is operating the phone.

    do you see?

    it’s lee harvey oswald. holy shit. i bet that means the “12th app” is some sorta grassy knoll widget.

    someone call oliver stone.

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