iLounge releases Free 230-page iPod Book 3.0

Over 100 million iPods and 300 million copies of iTunes are out there, but there’s only one Free iPod Book, designed to help iPod and iTunes users make the most of Apple’s breakthrough digital media hardware and software. The book now features “world-exclusive” iPhone content.

Following up on its acclaimed second edition, The Free iPod Book 3.0 is’s biggest and best ever downloadable publication. Now weighing in at 230 pages, the PDF-format Book offers easy-to-read tips and tutorials for every product in Apple’s digital lifestyle revolution: iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and even Apple TV. Ratings for more than 1,300 products are also included inside, along with a comprehensive Directory of the industry’s major product and service providers.

“The Free iPod Book 3.0 is the industry’s definitive summary of iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and Apple TV tips, products, and services,” explained Jeremy Horwitz, Editor of and the Book, in the press release. “Whether you’re a new or an expert iPod user, you’ll love the pictures, learn from the tutorials, and laugh along as we poke fun at Microsoft’s ‘iPod killer’ Zune.”

This edition of the Book starts with Sneak Peeks at over 25 never before seen accessories, including the debut of the first wave of 14 third-party accessories for Apple’s upcoming iPhone. The Book also features the world’s first photographs of Ultimate Ears’ incredible quadruple-driver UE-11 earphones, which iLounge has been testing in its labs, and many other never-before-seen iPod cases, speakers, and more.

Four feature-length tutorial sections comprise the bulk of The Free iPod Book 3.0:

• All Things iPod is the world’s best guide to maximizing your iPod’s potential. Packed with surprises, All Things iPod offers over 130 quick tips divided into 15 useful sections, helping you learn about free music, books, and videos, turning your iPod into a portable video game player, getting the best deals on new and used iPods, and customizing your iPod with top accessories or physical modifications. Sections on troubleshooting, repairing, and replacing your iPod help with common problems.

• iTunes Tips and Tricks provides over 140 concise and fun tips to improving your PC or Mac iTunes experience. Whether you want to transfer your iPod’s music back to your computer, watch cool 3-D graphics while your music’s playing, back up your iTunes library, or just get free downloads from the iTunes Store, you’ll find the help you need in this section. New tips help readers understand the pros and cons of Apple’s latest iTunes Plus music downloads, as well.

• Love Your Apple TV offers advice on how to make more of Apple’s HDTV-specific 40GB and new 160GB media players, including tips on your HDTV, network, video conversion, hard disk replacement, and top hacks to enhance its feature set. Apple’s new deal with YouTube is also discussed here.

• The iPhone Index offers an A to Z look at Apple’s “revolutionary” new hybrid phone, iPod, and Internet device, with informative details and photography that will prepare you for the device’s late June launch.

As with past editions, The Free iPod Book 3.0 also looks at amazing aspects of the Apple fan experience, unearthing the mysterious treasures found only at one of Apple’s retail stores, spotlighting beautiful iPod photographs from our iPods Around The World photo galleries, and revealing the best photos submitted to iLounge’s latest and greatest contest. Winners of four Apple iPhones from the incredible iPod Fashion Contest are revealed inside.

Downloads of The Free iPod Book 3.0 are available immediately from

iLounge’s 2007 iPod Buyers’ Guide and past editions of The Free iPod Book can also be downloaded at no charge from


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  2. Why does the simplest device in the world need a 230 page book?

    I read (not sure the word ‘read” applies here) the instruction manual to my new iPod Shuffle and I have to say that short and to the point manual has to be the best designed manual every to come out of any electronic device company. Short, to the point, and easy to understand. I was impressed.

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