Japanese robot dances to Apple iPod music

Apple Store“A new Japanese robot twists and rolls to iPod tunes in an intricate dance based on complex mathematics, a technology developers said will one day enable robots to move about spontaneously instead of following preprogrammed motions,” Hiroko Tabuchi reports for The Associated Press.

“Equipped with Kenwood Corp. speaker systems, Tokyo-based venture ZMP Inc.’s 14-inch long Miuro robot _ which looks like a white ball wedged between two halves of an egg _ wheels about in time with music from an iPod portable player, which locks into the machine,” Tabuchi reports.

Tabuchi reports, “At a demonstration in Tokyo on Thursday, the 11-pound Miuro pivoted about on a stage in time to beats of a pop music track. Its dance wasn’t preprogrammed, but generated by the robot itself.”

“The 108,800 yen ($895) original Miuro can also receive wireless signals from a personal computer to play iTunes and other stored digital files. Separately sold options add a camera that beams images to PCs or lets owners control their Miuros by mobile phones,” Tabuchi reports. “Miuro, short for “music innovation based on utility robot technology,” is only on sale in Japan.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jim – TIV” for the heads up.]


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