Apple debuts online Apple Outlet

Apple StoreApple has re-branded their online “Special Deals” section as the “Apple Outlet.”

The “Apple Outlet” page states: Big savings. Limited-time offers. Before we put a pre-owned Mac, iPod, or Apple TV up for sale in the Apple Outlet, it undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process to make sure it’s up to Apple’s tough quality standards. We back it with our standard one-year limited warranty. And you have the option of purchasing an AppleCare Protection Plan for it.

The revamped Apple Outlet features four main sections:

Refurbished iPod: Find deals on the Apple-certified iPod, iPod nano, or iPod shuffle you’ve always wanted.
• Refurbished Mac: Shop Apple-certified Mac desktops and notebooks at once-in-a-lifetime prices.
Clearance Items: Get discount prices on new, unopened products from Apple and other manufacturers.
• Big Deals: See special offers, promotions, and other great deals available for a limited time only.

See the new Apple Outlet here.


  1. Why do they still say “original price $1299″ for the 20” Cinema display. Sure, the original, original price, but who cares about that! It should say, for reference, what the _current_ price is! That’s always annoyed me. And finally I’ve said something about it. And curiously, I don’t feel any better.

  2. “Before we put a pre-owned Mac, iPod, or Apple TV up for sale in the Apple Outlet, it undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process to make sure it’s up to Apple’s tough quality standards.”

    If Apple has tough quality standards, why did it get returned in the first place? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    I just love marketing-speak…

  3. Yea, I like Lexus “pre-owned” status, like the cars have just barely been broken in & are now ready for you to buy!

    I’ve bought several Apple refurbs with no problems. Glad they finally cleaned up the look of it!


  4. An interesting change, but after having the most rotten customer service experience in recent memory buying “refurbished” equipment from Apple, I can’t recommend that anyone ever take them up on these offers.

    I am a long-time Apple user, and supporter, but my first and only experience using their online store, specifically their refurbished goods was a nightmare without parallel.

    Ironically, unless you are willing to spend a couple of hours hanging on the phone line to Apple, there is no way to even inform them that you have had a bad experience so it’s likely they are not even aware of how unhappy some of their customers are.

  5. @ PETER

    Just because a consumer returned a product, does not mean something was wrong with it. It could be that they got the wrong color iPod ( you would be surprised even thou the picture on the outside of the box reflects the color), the wrong specs for a machine, or they find that they just don’t like or need it.

  6. Peter,

    Unfortunately, even the best quality control cannot guarantee a product won’t fail after the fact. It could work perfectly for a month and then have a motherboard malfunction.

    I rate companies by HOW they handle a product gone defective. Every company’s going to have defects, the question is how do they treat the customer when it does happen.

  7. My first Mac was a Mini I bought from the refurb section. They can’t be that thoroughly checked out though, because 2 days later the fan took off at warp speed and the computer would not boot.
    I was going to Des Moines (the closest Apple store) so I took it to the Apple store there. The so-called “genius” said he could not find out what was wrong with it and did not have the equipment to diagnose the problem. I later found an Apple repair facility in my home town, and the technican called a half-hour later and said the logic board was dead. Apple air shipped the part and I got the computer back in two days. It’s been running like a champ ever since.

  8. I bought a refurbished iBook a while back. The trackpad died about 8-9 months after I got it, but that was covered under the warranty and was handled well by Apple. I’d definitely buy refurbed product again.

  9. I just got a refurbed 4GB iPod Nano and it’s really nice. I couldn’t tell that it had ever been touched. It came in a little brown carton and you can’t get free engraving, but it was $50 cheaper. That’s a heck of a savings. Works for me.

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