Verizon’s so-called ‘iPhone Killer’ is LG Prada?

“Verizon is preparing a secret weapon for the escalating handset wars,” Scott Moritz reports for “Just a month before Apple’s iPhone is due to juice AT&T’s growth, industry watchers say New York-based Verizon has some hand candy of its own to sweeten sales.”

“‘They are working on an answer to the iPhone that is supposed to be pretty good,’ says one telecom expert who is familiar with Verizon’s effort,” Moritz reports.

“Verizon’s anti-iPhone is LG’s Prada. The Prada, or KE 850, was recently introduced in England and is very similar in appearance to the iPhone,” Moritz reports.

Moritz reports, “In reaction to all the iPhone attention AT&T is getting, Verizon COO Denny Strigl told USAToday Tuesday: ‘We do have a very good response in the mill. You’ll see that from us in the late summer.’

Moritz reports, “A Verizon representative played down the notion that the company was banking on the Prada as its answer to the iPhone. ‘We have several music devices coming’ including the LG Prada, ‘but there are others,’ the representative said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]
“Very similar in appearance…” You gotta love it. If the best Verizon can come up with is the LG Prada and some nebulous, dubious vapor, they’re doomed. This ill-advised, playground-inspired business practice of pretending you have something when you have nothing just before your date with the steamroller always reeks of desperation. Pack the golden parachute carefully, Denny, it sounds like you’re gonna need it.


  1. What is it with Corporate Leaders?
    Their answer is something that looks the same?
    No wonder we’ve lost our competitive edge.
    Everyone thinks it’s only about looks and not the substance.

  2. Competitors are announcing iPhone “killers” before the iPhone is even released. There is fear in the air…

    No near-term competitor will come close because:

    1. The iPhone touch interface took years to develop.
    2. The OS is OS X.
    3. It’s an iPod.

    Since no one else can offer 1, 2, and 3, Apple has once again put itself in a position of owning a unique product, in a world where everyone else competes on price with me-too products.

  3. I am currently a Verizon customer. That relationship will end this summer, though, when my contract expires. The reason: Verizon doesn’t carry the iPhone. Too bad, because other Verizon is good.

    So, it’s goodbye Verizon, hello AT&T.

    Note to Verizon: Your claims of “It’s the network” no longer apply. The device you use matters, too. Give Steve a call. Maybe he’ll let you in.

  4. I’ve said repeatedly that these twits sound like the Black Knight in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. As for the author of the article, he proves himself to be a gullible idiot.

    The good thing about reading articles such as this one is that one may safely cast aside as FUD the criticism of fools.

  5. First just cause the iPhone is great does not mean Verizon is a bad company. In most cities Verizon is the best cell phone company. One person I do tech support for is a cell tower tech who goes all around the country fixing them and he says Verizon has the most towers that cover the most area in the major cities hands down. Now with most things YMMV so if you want an iPhone better hope you are in a good Cingular area.

  6. The Prada looks like iPhone, just like Zune looks like iPod…

    Yeah…. sad bulky copy

    MW: late. All the other phone companies are little late to the game, Apple already has >200 patents. That’s gonna restrict the innovation (copying) done by others

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