Report: Apple blocks MySpace at retail stores

Apple Store“Apple’s stylish stores and computers, all of which feature unrestricted Internet access, have become such the hang-out and gathering place for MySpace junkies that the powers that be have elected to block the popular social networking site from its systems,” Think Secret reports.

Full article here.


  1. Praises!

    I was in SF a few months ago, and mentioned here how all the Macs were being used at the SF Apple Store for MySpace bullshit. The little bastards were like a bunch of crack head, leeches addicted to MySpace, and stuck to the Macs.

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  2. MySpace is there worst website ever made. Apple made the BEST decision when they blocked it off their computers. What once (maybe) was a website designed to “keep in touch”, it’s now full of skanky, vulgar, slutty, and inappropriate CRAP… anyway… good for Apple.

  3. This makes perfect sense from a business standpoint. When the store becomes a place to hang out and use the computers for free with no intention of buying anything, you are inviting unprofitable people to crowd the stores and interfere with the sales process. This is a very good way of making sure the customer experience in their stores is good so someone can go in, get access easily to the computers, and decide what to buy. Apple simply will not put up with any BS in their stores – they strive to control the experience. A smart retailing strategy.

  4. and on the other hand, what also makes perfect sense from a business standpoint is that all those kids killing time on MySpace are using Macs – even if it’s just using Photo Booth to take a smary picture and Safari to upload it to MySpace. But what, pray tell, do you think those kids will ask for when Mommy asks them what kind of computer they want? Much like OneToOne/ProCare, it’s a fantastic loss leader.

    I’ve always thought Apple’s refusal to block MySpace, and its pointed directives to its stores NOT to, was very keen business strategy. They might not be buying anything right this minute, but oh, someday, they will. Get ’em hooked young!

    This is something, say, CompUSA would do. Not Apple.

  5. how do u block a website?

    On a Mac, edit your /etc/hosts file, set the address for the domain in question to I think there are also utilities that cna do it for you – anyone have suggestions?

    At the network level, it’s done in a firewall box – that’s probably what Apple is doing in their stores.

  6. ummm..when I was working @ the Apple store it was a HUGE problem….and that was some 2 years ago…and at that time, Apple was have a open’s good to see Apple is going to block MYSPACE…too many kids just want to hang out and hog the machines and many times they scare off potential customers.

    great job Apple!

  7. I agree with both “skeeter” and “”JayRec” that this is a mistake. I’ve worked at an Apple Store for almost 2 years, and I admit that the MySpace kids are annoying, but by and large, there’s still free computers to show to potential customers. All the kids in the mall flocked to the Apple Store, to use Apples, not to the Dell kiosk just a few yards away.

    If corporate does deem this enough of a problem, I think that maybe they should block MySpace on certain computers so that the place isn’t overcrowded with MySpace users. That’s what my Store did unofficially – and it worked very nicely. It kept the entrance clear, enough computers free, and future generation of Mac-users happy.

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