Yared: Apple will be bigger than IBM

“Arguably two of America’s best run companies are Apple Inc. and International Business Machines. Both have achieved high levels of success and shareholders have been rewarded along the way. However, both are treading in different waters and Apple is emerging as the winner going forward. In fact, I’m sure Apple will overtake IBM in value over the next two years. Bottom line: Apple will be bigger than IBM,” Georges Yared, CIO of Yared Investment Research, writes for BloggingStocks.

Yared writes, “Apple will be a bigger company than IBM in terms of market capitalization. As of this writing Apple is just about to hit $100 billion in market cap while IBM is at $158 billion. The direction of both companies are at a variance to each other and Apple is certainly enjoying the strength of a major product cycle.”

Yared writes, “Apple, although only about one-fourth the size of IBM in revenue terms, is growing aggressively. The marketplace will, and has rewarded that aggressive growth by lifting the shares nearly $50 these past two years. But Apple is just beginning.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]


  1. Not taht I’m a big believer in fedding trolls, but in regards to Charlie’s statement, allow me to rebut (even if it was purely meant to garner responses):

    “The people who are doing the work are the moving force behind the Macintosh. My job is to create a space for them, to clear out the rest of the organization and keep it at bay.”
    – Steve Jobs

  2. Well, since I have been doing an archive install, this is the first post I’ve made this evening.

    I am the tower worker
    I am the conservative
    I am done with this site.
    The fake wins
    Adios Thorin, TMF, Jim TIV, Chrissy, Buster, Cubert, Busting and all the rest.

    I’m tired of this shit.

  3. As soon as I see are instead of is, as in “the direction of both companies are at a variance”, where the subject is singular and the article “a” is redundant, is clearly so ignorant of grammar and sentence structure as to be incapable of writing anything coherently.

    Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.

    Irony, thy name is Spell the Checker.

    Care to try that ridiculous diatribe again? Try not to get lost in your own purple prose, and you might be rewarded with a lollipop.

  4. If tech businesses are run by businessmen, they become business and consulting oriented. If they are run by visionaries, they either rise or fall.

    Apple is rising. Bigtime. It is set to continue to rise. The little secret is that Jobs is a visionary and a businessman.


    MDN “specific” as in, “I try to be.”

  5. Apple are in love with their customers. And Apple’s customers are in love with Apple. This marriage-made-in-heaven allows Apple to make the gorgeous products they want to make, in the full knowledge that their customers will appreciate their gorgeousness and pay what Apple asks.

    This does not translate well to the business world who will buy an ugly plastic Dell box if its cheap and as long as it works reasonably effectively.

    Apple may well be bigger than IBM one day, but it won’t be because they pursue Microsoft and Dell into the corporate sphere. Apple’s attitude to corporate computing will most likely be, if you can afford gorgeousness, buy Apple. Otherwise f***k off.

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  6. The stupid thing about this is that IBM and Apple are not even remotely competitors – and I don’t mean in the spirit of things. Since selling the home-pc part of their business to Lenovo, IBM is back to what they did best – make business machines. No matter how ‘cool’ the Xserve and X-RAID platforms are, they’re a long, long way to being Enterprise worthy. Where’s Xblade and Xlibrary? What about Xen or VMWare for consolidation? None. How about Xswitches and Xtops (business-class desktop and laptops) and a version of Apple Remote Desktop that’s akin to Citrix, ACE, or similar?

    Apple has a ways to catch-up.

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