Toyota’s new Apple iPod Integration Kit to launch this summer

Apple Store“Toyota Motor Marketing Europe has appointed Madhouse Associates to develop a European marketing campaign to support the launch of its new iPod Integration Kit in summer 2007,” How-Do reports.

“Madhouse will be producing advertising, brochures, direct mail and the point of sale. Media buying for the launch will be handled on a country by country basis,” How-Do reports. “The creative strapline is ‘Coming soon to a glove box near you.'”

“Toyota’s iPod Integration Kit allows the customer to plug an iPod into the car glove box and then use either the steering wheel or usual audio system controls,” How-Do reports.

Full article here.

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  1. I don’t know about that steering wheel deal. Can you imagine going down the interstate and deciding to scroll through your song list? You’d be steering all over the road. What, and I guess the Play/Pause is also the horn? Menu, whoops, I set the cruise control.

    As usual, Toyota hasn’t thought this through….

  2. as usual TT has no idea what he is talking about. You can use either set of controls. The steering wheel controls are limited to volume, forward or back a track/station, and selecting source radio, CD, satellite radio or Aux which is the iPod.

    Actually Toyota has, as usual, thought it all through.

    Also, not their job to stop u from being an ass behind the wheel

  3. So how bout da iPhone??? Will it plug into dis kind of deal? If so, will that be jus to play music, or will there be a way for idiots to be jabbering away on the cell function, maybe textn, maybe surfin, while hot roddin roun da hood? Will we be gettin announcments from car makers, one by one, bout “Our new models support iPhones?” Great world or what!?!

  4. I’m waiting for the blank spot on the dashboard where I simply click in the iPhone and it becomes the radio/internal display. That’s part of the point of not having plastic buttons, the screen can become an interface for anything… or everything!

  5. Um, my Toyota Scion tC has had this for almost two years and it rocks.
    Controls are a little tough if you have long lists of any kind, but it’s fantastic, and I bought the car partly because of this.
    Worth every cent.

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