RUMOR: Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac mini updates coming sooner than expected

Apple Store“Updates to Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, expected to arrive within the next month, now appear ready to be unveiled sooner rather than later, sources report. An announcement could come as early as Tuesday, sources say, although both models may not be introduced in tandem,” Think Secret reports.

“While a MacBook Pro update based on Intel’s recently delivered Santa Rosa chipset has been anticipated since Intel first disclosed shipping details of the faster platform, word of a pending MacBook update has only emerged recently,” Think Secret reports. “Sources report MacBook supplies are virtually nil at Apple’s major distributors, and Apple is no longer shipping quantities of its low-end laptops to Apple retailers, two traditionally strong signs of a pending update.”

“Details of the MacBook update are less known, although there is a strong possibility that the laptop will also take advantage of Santa Rosa… [and the] faster Intel GMA 3000 graphics processor,” Think Secret reports.

Think Secret reports, “An update is to Apple’s Mac mini, which is based on similar components as the MacBook, is also expected in the near future.”

More details in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bring ’em on!


  1. This is (at least one reason) why OWC and Axiotron decided not to ship the ModBooks on April 30th as originally stated, and are now saying the ship date is June 30th.

    MDN Magic Word: “Truth” as in, I’m not really sure this is the truth.

  2. I wants me a new MacBook Pro! My PowerBook is feelin’ awful slow these days!

    The GF needs a MacBook to replace her old 800mhz iBook G4, too.
    But Apple, PLEASE ditch those crappy integrated graphics!

  3. New Macs out soon? They better not! I gotta get me some iPhone goodness before me next Mac.

    Unless it’s the mythical ‘Middle Mac’. I’d eat rice for a month to get one of those.

    /not really.
    //I’d be tempted tho…

  4. @anaknipedro

    You sure got ThinkObvious number. Since The Steve had Apple Legal squeeze their cojones, they’ve been useless.

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  5. In similar news, the stamp vending machine at the post office here is out of 39 cent stamps. I think there might be an impending “upgrade” to 41 cents stamps coming…

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