Macworld introduces ‘Apple TV Superguide’’

Apple StoreMacworld, today announced the release of the “Macworld Apple TV Superguide.” The “Apple TV Superguide” provides tips, tools, and a complete how-to guide for operating Apple’s new Apple TV hardware, which connects television sets to the music, video, and photos stored on a Mac or Windows PC.

Commercially available in three formats, the Superguide can be downloaded immediately as a PDF for $12.95, or purchased as a CD-ROM for $15.00 or full-color book for $24.99

All versions are available now at:

“The Apple TV is designed to take everything from your computer and bring it right into your living room via an easy, remote-control-driven interface,” said Jason Snell, VP/Editorial Director of Macworld. “And the ‘Apple TV Superguide’ will help you get the most out of your Apple TV with tips and advice about set-up and operation.”

The Macworld Apple TV Superguide is the fourth release in the Superguide series. Other Superguides currently available for sale include the Macworld Mac Basics Superguide, Macworld Digital Photography Superguide, and the Macworld iPod and iTunes Superguide:

Macworld Mac Basics Superguide:

Macworld Digital Photography Superguide:

Macworld iPod and iTunes Superguide:


  1. epifan: it uses custom, in-browser streaming software, so… no. AppleTV can play back iTunes subscriptions to normal audio and video podcasts.

    The Zen of AppleTV: if your iPod will get it from iTunes and play it, so will AppleTV.

  2. @eplfan

    the quick answer is yes, but it involves jumping through so many hoops you might as well watch it on the main tv in the house.

    1. record the program on your DVR
    2. transfer it to your mac using VLC and convert it mp4 using MPEG Streamclip
    3. Load it into iTunes
    4. Sync the iTunes library with your Apple TV and away you go.

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