Analyst: Apple ramping up Mac distribution, sees potential for further market share gains

Apple StoreUBS analyst Ben Reitzes, in his latest research note says that, “Apple is ramping up its distribution. Reitzes said Macs will be available in 8,000 purchase points, up from 5,800. That statistic includes 200 Best Buys by year end, up from 58 today. If this expansion is successful Mac market share could increase,” Larry Dignan blogs for ZDNet.

Dignan reports, “In fiscal 2007, UBS is projecting Apple to ship 6,720,000 total Macintosh units, up from 5,302,000 in 2006. In 2008, Apple is projected to ship 8,437,000 units. That’s a huge difference from the 3,290,000 Macs shipped in 2004.”

Full article here.


  1. In Australia I’ve lost count how many stores are now carrying a full range range of Macs. The latest one is Dick Smith Electronics (which is like Radio Shack). In fact my wife says everyone carries a Mac range. And without a doubt in this country at least it was the ipod that led to this development.

  2. One and all, I’m telling you that with the 6G iPod coming out later this year, the new iPhone(s), the updated MacBooks, the UltraThinMac, the new iMac enclosure, Leopard, and whatnot AAPL will absolutely explode by Christmas!

  3. And the Intel-native CS3 apps will definitely boost Mac sales as the word gets out how blazing, freaking fast it is. Kudos to Adobe. I did a non-scientific app boot/doc open test on my 2.16 Ghz C2D iMac.

    Double-clicking on an ID CS2 document with ID closed:
    25 seconds to full open
    Double-clicking on an ID CS3 document with ID closed:
    5 seconds to full open

  4. Macs are proliferating here like crazy. Its been a revolution in the last 12 months. More stores are carrying Macs, after previously just carrying the iPod.

    My spies in Nokia also tell me that the IT now has fully accepted Macs into the corporate system (running Tiger … not necessarily Windows), though they are not widespread just yet. Before, it was forbidden to connect into the IT network … no longer.

    And a Mac reseller friend fo mine here is eternally complaining about lack of stock in everything (excpet iPods). Reported that the new CS has unleased sales of Mac Pros big time, but can’t get the supply.

    Frustrating to him.

  5. This is stellar news because the way the iPod took over the MP3 player world was by having extremely broad distribution. If Apple can pull this off for Macs then they can reach markets that they had a hard time to sell to in the past.

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