Indispensable tips for Windows to Mac switchers

Apple Store“You’ve just made the leap from Windows to the Macintosh,” Macinstruct writes. “Great, but now what?”

“Everything is going well. There’s no useless Windows key, and the controls for all the windows are on the left. It took a little while to get used to those minor differences, but in the end you realized that the differences are just that – minor. So what’s so great about Macs? Sure, the Aqua interface is pretty and has none of those pesky Windows error messages, but it’s just a computer. Right? And frankly, you’re a little confused by all the brouhaha from the whole ‘rabid Mac community,'” ,” Macinstruct writes.

“All right. Macs are computers – just like other PCs – but we’d like to argue that Mac OS X sets them apart. You see, what makes the Macintosh such a great computer are some of the smaller features that exist only to make your life easier,” Macinstruct writes.

The Macinstruct article covers:
• Folders Full of Springs
• Customize the Finder Window Toolbar
• Find Files With Spotlight
• Undim Your Display
• Force Quit Stubborn Apps
• Find Your Mac’s Serial Number
• Get Icons Off Your Desktop
• Exposé: Mac Window Magic
• Don’t Forget Dashboard

Full article with many screenshots here.


  1. As a recent switcher, I’m puzzled by the lack of an uninstall feature built into OS X. As near I can tell, you either have to hope the software comes with it or install a utilitity to fully remove apps from OS X.

  2. anthony007 – Just move the app to the trash can and empty the garbage. It may leave a few preferences files around, but those don’t generally take up much space or get in the way.

  3. “Type in what you’re trying to find, and Spotlight will track it down!”

    Even better, add the <b>Google Importer plug-in<> ( It’s freeware.

    “When you begin a Spotlight search, Google Importer will instantly grab the top results from Google and show them right next to the files from your computer.

    With one click, the result will open in your default browser. You can even choose to only search a particular website.”

    It’s very handy. I’ve used it to find .obj sample files for testing the new 3D functions in Photoshop CS3 Extended.

  4. Just read the article. I never knew about the serial number thing! Now, I gotta get home to my Mac to see what else you cycle through when you click on the OS version you are using.

    Any other hidden features out there that are revealed by simply clicking on text that doesn’t at face value seem to do anything?

  5. O/T: Bill Gates’ Management Style (excerpt from /.)

    Someone please punch this arrogant, little prick. And make it a loop.

    “So you’re in there presenting your product plan to billg, steveb, and mikemap. Billg typically has his eyes closed and he’s rocking back and forth. He could be asleep; he could be thinking about something else; he could be listening intently to everything you’re saying. The trouble is all are possible and you don’t know which. Obviously, you have to present as if he were listening intently even though you know he isn’t looking at the PowerPoint slides you spent so much time on. At some point in your presentation billg will say “that’s the dumbest fucking idea I’ve heard since I’ve been at Microsoft.” He looks like he means it. However, since you knew he was going to say this, you can’t really let it faze you. Moreover, you can’t afford to look fazed; remember: he’s a bully.”

  6. ” . . .see what else you cycle through when you click on the OS version . . .”

    (Pssst, the build number! Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

    There are a couple of cool, new Easter eggs in PS CS3.

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