Apple iTunes Store movie downloads in Australia soon?

Apple Store“Third largest Australian ISP, iiNet, has given an unexpected late Easter Egg to its customers: unmetered access to the Australian iTunes Store,” Peter Sbarski reports for APC Magazine.

“For now, this means customers can download songs, music videos, audio books and short films from Apple without the data being counted as part of their download allowance,” Sbarski reports.

“But it’s obvious to observers that there’s very little benefit to customers in these small amounts of data transfer saved,” Sbarski reports,

“Movies, on the other hand, with file sizes of a gigabyte or more, could put a serious dent in people’s download allowances, especially on cheaper plans with smaller allowances. This announcement comes on the heels of iiNet’s new plans which have received a pandering from some whirlpool aficionados for their lack of value,” Sbarski reports.

Sbarski asks, “Does iiNet knows something we don’t about Apple’s upcoming introduction of movie and TV show downloads into Australia?”

“Apple Australia confirmed that Steve Jobs intends to introduce movie downloads into markets outside the US this year. Could Australia be first? It certainly seems likely given iiNet’s unexpected decision to provide free access to the iTunes store,” Sbarski reports.

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  1. Thats it I am officially pissed at Steve. I’m going to….I’m going to….throw a Crikey at him (by the wa, a crikey is a fried cricket which apparently is the national dish of Australians)

  2. A download allowance is presumably what I have on my wireless PC card in my laptop. Verizon allows me 5GB a month, or it can cancel my service and force me to pay the early termination penalty. This makes movie downloads over a cell network impractical.

  3. Canadians will be allowed to download only National Film Board anti-VD films made for soldiers in 1943. And five hours of NFB Hinterland Who’s Who TV fillers.

    Magic Word: national. It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!

  4. Along with the NFB films, iTunes will also make avaialble to Canadians Health Canada public service announcements on the dangers of unprotected sex. Free head-to-toe rubber suit gift cards will soon be available as well.

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