Schools say iPods becoming tool for cheaters

Apple Store“Banning baseball caps during tests was obvious — students were writing the answers under the brim. Then, schools started banning cell phones, realizing students could text message the answers to each other,” The Associated Press reports.

“Now, schools across the country are targeting digital media players as a potential cheating device. Devices including iPods… can be hidden under clothing, with just an earbud and a wire snaking behind an ear and into a shirt collar to give them away, school officials say,” AP reports.

“‘It doesn’t take long to get out of the loop with teenagers,’ said Mountain View High School Principal Aaron Maybon. ‘They come up with new and creative ways to cheat pretty fast.’ Mountain View recently enacted a ban on digital media players after school officials realized some students were downloading formulas and other material onto the players,” AP reports.

“Some students use iPod-compatible voice recorders to record test answers in advance and them play them back, 16-year-old Mountain View junior Damir Bazdar said,” AP reports.

“Others download crib notes onto the music players and hide them in the ‘lyrics’ text files. Even an audio clip of the old ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ take on how a bill makes it through Congress can come in handy during some American government exams,” AP reports.

AP reports, “Kelsey Nelson, a 17-year-old senior at the school, said she used to listen to music after completing her tests — something she can no longer do since the ban. Still, she said, the ban has not stopped some students from using the devices. ‘You can just thread the earbud up your sleeve and then hold it to your ear like you’re resting your head on your hand,’ Nelson said. ‘I think you should still be able to use iPods. People who are going to cheat are still going to cheat, with or without them.'”

“Still, schools around the world are hoping bans will at least stave off some cheaters,” AP reports.

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  1. Sure beats buying a Bic Finepoint to write really, really, really, teeny letters on a tiny piece of paper like I had to do. And I still failed Geometry.

    Walked to school uphill both ways too.

  2. Damn kids today. I used to write the answers on my shoe and I was lucky to have that! Now get the hell off my lawn! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    The other one I enjoyed was years ago a certain professor allowed students one 3×5 card with notes when they took an exam. My buddy used a LaserWriter to jam as much info as possible onto the 3×5 card–even at only 300dpi, 6 point fonts were still readable. The professor let it slide, but next year he allowed only handwritten 3×5 cards.

  3. @peter:
    one year in calculus the teacher allowed 3 x 5 cards in the exam. as a joke my wife brought in a sheet of microfiche – just the right size – and occasionally held it up to the light and squinted.

  4. @Jim…I do get out more…to give out university exams… which is why I know the term invigilator…not because I am smart ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Damn ….my secret is out.

  5. (making mental note, “never get in argument with Buster about anything that requires brains… ok. Check)

    MDN word is letters – as in, I needed to spell check my letters before I posted previously

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