MacDailyNews announces site redesign

MacDailyNews is happy to announce a redesigned interface for and Our code (and our look, we hope you agree) have now been cleaned up!

The design was created by the MacDailyNews team, with the main idea being: clean up around here, but keep it familiar!

We’ve also transitioned to a fixed-width site due to the large varieties and sizes of monitor sizes available today. Now MDN and iPodDN will be consistent regardless of monitor width; the sites stretched across larger monitors just didn’t work visually.

The new code was done by the crew at Solspace, a full-service web shop that has recently expanded to offering add-on software for ExpressionEngine, the powerful software platform behind MDN and iPodDN. The sites are hosted at EngineHosting, who provide rock-solid hosting power for ExpressionEngine based sites.

With a clean code base now in place, we look forward to adding new features on an on-going basis.

As always, please tell us what you think and what you’d like to see in the way of new features.

Thank you for visiting MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews!

[UPDATE: 1:25am EDT: bumped up the article text size as per readers’ feedback below.]

[UPDATE: 2:45pm EDT: returned article text size to original size, increased line spacing slightly.]


  1. MDN, I think you do an excellent job of melting microsoft,making mac mountains and laboring about linux losses. But I am embarrassed to be reading MDN with my daughters with the e hardbodies and other dating sites. Clean that off for a great image!

    I have learnt lots about Macs reading your pages. I have almost done the ROTFLMAO and spitting my coffee on the monitor. Your wit, your abuse and your general hatred for Billy Billions and Bloated Ballmer are always enjoyed.

    Clean site great…minus the dating ads.

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