AT&T to target Apple iPhone to business market

Apple Store“AT&T plans to market the iPhone to business users in addition to consumers but analysts aren’t recommending that enterprises supply workers with the phones,” Nancy Gohring reports for IDG News.

“Cingular, which was acquired by AT&T, recently decided that the iPhone will appeal to business users and the operator is now working hard to ensure that its backend enterprise billing and support systems will accommodate the device when it ships, said a source familiar with the company’s plans, who spoke on condition of anonymity,” Gohring reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Another Irish Dude” and “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]
And then the rest of the article is full of the same old iPhone taking points FUD, including the ever-popular, “no plastic buttons” festooned all over the device whether they’re involved in the device’s use at the moment or not – “making it difficult for users to dial while driving,” says Ken Dulaney, an analyst with Gartner, (Ken, that’s probably good for pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers) who basically has a conniption fit about the possibility of Apple’s iPhone targeting business users (perhaps because he knows where that road might eventually lead, muahahahahahaha!)

These things happen when an entire industry has been instantly outclassed and shown to be 5-10 years behind the times, as Apple did to the mobile device biz with their iPhone unveiling. The fact is that business people will decide which device they want to carry and their businesses will adapt to it. Just as they did with “Microsoft-incompatible” Research In Motion’s Blackberry. Apple’s iPhone will be a success with business users whether AT&T and Apple tailor marketing to them or not.

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  1. In England it’s illegal to drive holding a phone and even if you have a hands free kit you can be done if you’re not in control of the vehicle. Just drive and make your calls later. Why is everyone in such a hurry now? Why is it impossible to be out of contact for even the shortest amount of time?

  2. What would you bet that the iPhone will come with voice recognition so you could dial just by speaking the number (or saying the name in the phone book like my current phone does). That would be even better than punching in the number into a keypad with raised buttons, don’t you think?

  3. that the iPhone will have voice commands. Mac OS X already has this, so why not the iPhone? Steve Jobs and people at Apple who already know this just laugh.

    iPhone(or whatever name you assign to it), dial mom.
    720 884 7585
    Hi Mom, i dialed with no hands!

  4. You don’t dial a cell phone, you find the person’s name and hit the green button. Furthermore, when you’re driving, you can easily dial with voice activation.

    Please don’t make business customers out to be workaholics. They’re not.

  5. M.X.N.T.4.1, I agree – why do people feel a need to talk on a phone while driving, especially now it is AGAINST THE LAW in the UK? I can’t stand seeing someone in the UK on a mobile driving their car. You can normally spot them though, they’re the ones weaving in and out of traffic, going through red lights and acting like they own the road.

    I always like to beep my horn and flash my wallet at them, normally they think I’m a plain clothes officer and throw the phone onto the floor!

    There was a story a while ago that said someone who was spotted by a certain individual (who still hasn’t been caught) using their phone whilst driving, would wake up the next day to find their car tyres slashed and a note on the windscreen saying tis is their punishment for driving while using a mobile. Police were looking for him… I don’t know whether it was to arrest him or offer him a job, I think it was a great idea, because 3 points and a £70 fine doesn’t seem to stop some people.


  6. I tiotally agree with Jamie Kelly. It seems it is getting to be once a day where I have to interact with someone doing something stupid on the road all because she/he was on a cell phone. My stats so far put that at around 3/4 female vs 1/4 male but that may very well be regionally biased.
    I am sick of it especially when those incidences are life threatening. I hope the iPhone will have a nice cradle and voice activated software so people can use BOTH hands to drive.

  7. @M.X.N.T.4.1

    I quite agree! Being connected to the world on a full time basis has no appeal to me whatsoever. My cell phone is for emergencies only and I never use it wile driving.

    Here in the USA we are slowly getting laws against the use of hand helds while driving, but it will take time until the usual conflict between personal freedom and the obigation to act responsibly is resolved.

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