Mossberg: Get a Mac to avoid resource-hogging Windows PC craplets, antivirus, antispyware apps

Apple Store“Last week, when I condemned the flood of crippled trial software, ads and offers that come loaded on new Windows Vista computers, readers reacted strongly. I received roughly 700 emails, all but a handful agreeing with me,” Walt Mossberg reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Clearly, many people are furious about these unwanted programs and icons, which are sometimes called craplets,” Mossberg reports.

Mossberg reports, “An excellent way to avoid or minimize the craplet problem is to simply buy an Apple Macintosh computer. New Macs don’t have any craplets displayed on their desktops. On a new Mac, no third-party software is automatically launched when you start the computer, and you don’t need antivirus or antispyware programs because the Mac is essentially free from those menaces. So, even my year-old Mac laptop reboots roughly three times as fast as my three-week-old Sony.”

“Apple does include a few third-party programs on Macs, including one that, oddly, is for drawing comic-strip effects on photos. But these are tucked away in the applications folder and most are full working versions, not trials or offers. The main exception is a trial version of Microsoft Office. With some Mac models, you get trials of two Apple programs, iWork and FileMaker Pro. But these trials can be deleted simply by dragging the icons to the trash can,” Mossberg reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Island Girl” for the heads up.]

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  1. Plus the fact that he writes for the WSJ doesn’t hurt one bit either. Hopefully enough people with money and influence will read these articles and stop buying and forcing Windows garbage down the throats of corporate workers everywhere.

  2. Windows writers have been doing this in heards for years for Microcrap products. At least the Walt won’t be lying and isn’t being paid off by Apple. He’s calling it like it is. People will listen.

  3. People of the world are slowly coming to realize the mediocrity of M$, thanks in no small part to Walt Mossberg. It truly is amazing watching people that swore off Apple years ago, only to buy Macs now! I’m a creative director for a large company and the people I am referring to are software architects and engineers; typically die-hard M$ apologists who consistently and unendingly used to ridicule me and my cohorts for using a “toy” computer. Now, they have jumped the sinking ship that is M$ and are praising Apple left and right.

    It is like some weird dream; it almost doesn’t seem possible, but here we are. Exciting times are indeed upon us!

    MW: suddenly, as in “Suddenly” people are seeing the light!

  4. I just helped my parents yesterday to remove a craplet toolbar that had infested their Wintel machine. I’ve been talking to them about getting a Mac, how they can stop worrying about viruses, malware etc. and how stuff Just Works™. They have started showing interest recently…

  5. Hi all, you know l`ve seen alot of hate against microsoft and how it performs OK doesn`t perform. Well this time l have to agree. l ( STUPID ME ) bought a new PC with vista… l`m now slowly starting to see small problems and its now starting to piss me off. So many correction l`ve had to make because they simply lost it when it comes to making an operating system. IF and WHEN l can afford it l will be switching to a mac… l might for now just dream that l had a mac.


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