Apple iPhone to play third-party Texas Hold ’Em game, run dating service application

Apple Store“Macworld this week reported the debut of a version of popular poker game ‘Texas Hold ’Em’ on Apple’s website. Independently-developed, the game is described as being at a suitable resolution for use on an iPhone,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“Apple has said it will work with some developers on some applications, and the title is already available for the iPod through the iTunes store,” Evans reports. “However, gambling game ‘Texas Hold ’Em’ doesn’t appear to be the only third-party application in development for Apple’s multimedia-capable internet appliance – it seems that dating services hope to exploit the personal communicator to boost their services, too.”

Evans reports, “Developer Miguel Sciaudone contacted Macworld UK to say: ‘This will be an application running on the iPhone in summer. It’s currently in development and will soon be in Beta testing. It will not be a Widget.'”

Links available in the full article here.


  1. Sorry, but I won’t be buying an iPhone unless these Treo apps are allowed on the iPhone:

    Pocket Quicken
    FileMaker Pro

    Even then, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be buying an iPhone because typing on a keyboard on a screen is frustrating. I know because I Have to do it when I type on my GPS screen in the car!

  2. I hope this is just the beginning. Once FileMaker Mobile, Acrobat Reader (or an equivalent app to Mac OS X’s Preview), and something equivalent to Docs To Go is available, the iPhone becomes much more of an option for me. Games are nice, but not necessary for me.

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