Scoble: ‘Buy a Macintosh’

Apple Store“Walt Mossberg says his Vista startup experience was pretty horrid because of the tons of ads and other things that OEMs load onto the OS. They do that to try to make a few extra bucks on each machine sold. Microsoft can’t stop them because the DOJ made it impossible to push around the OEMs and keep them from ruining the startup experience,” former Microsoft technical evangelist and prominent blogger Robert Scoble writes.

Scoble writes, “Solution? Buy a Macintosh. Buy Parallels. Buy your own copy of Vista straight from Microsoft.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bugs Bunny” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: As we said eariler today in response to Mossberg’s article: If you get an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro, you can install Windows Vista on it and at least avoid all of the OEM crapware from the likes of Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, etc. WIndows start up times are still going to be longer than Mac OS X, no matter what, but at least you don’t have to clean off junk software to start.

Better yet, install Windows XP on the MacBook, if you need to run a Windows-only app, since Vista is even more of a bloated mess than XP (we know, hard to believe, but they did have over five years to bolt bloat onto XP). Note: Windows is still WIndows and you’ll have to install and maintain anti-virus protection and sacrifice processor cycles to run it constantly just like any other Windows PC sufferer, unless you can keep Windows off the network and just use it for local apps.

For those that have to run WIndows on a Mac to access the odd application, we recommend keeping Windows offline (you won’t have to pay for and run AV software); use the Mac for network tasks instead.

Yes, it still amazes us that 8 of 10 people run to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Dell, etc. to repeatedly saddle themselves with the demonstrably inferior platform. Ignorance of the Mac option (and personal computing in general) is still extremely rampant and we pity the people who pay good money for the pleasure of limiting their productivity and options while frustrating themselves needlessly.

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  1. Some day
    even those who switch from WinCrap to Mac will realize
    what a load of useless code comes from Redmond ..
    Then Boot Camp, Parallels and the like will be unecessary …
    because eventually, no one will have a use for WinDoze !

    MW=”faith” … No kidding !

  2. I think I’ll show this to a friend of mine who’s still pouring money into his P.O.S. dell. He just spent $200 getting his hard drive wiped clean, now he’s having to replace the DVD drive.

    I told him to get a Mac mini or an iMac, or even better, a Macbook.

  3. I believe that the startup process is less important than the actual experience.

    Microsoft’s supposed to give leeway to outside vendors, and they are doing it.

    Apple is a closed system from which we all benefit, but it is still closed.

    Running Windows Vista on it is not ideal, but works well enough.

    The actual experience of running the Vista’s though, once you get past startup is exceptable.

    These things all ameliorate over time. Apple Mac can make a dent but it’l l never be more than 10%.

  4. Buy the way, Microsoft is so entrenched within corporate installations that Apple Mac will take another 20+ years to yousurp it, or a hole generation.

    These are facts. Apple is not big enough to make Macs fast enough to fill supreme growth rates. If they did or could, their build quality would fall even more than it has already. Bad viewscreens, hinges, and keyboards anyone?

    Apple Macs will continue to exist in the graphics relms, but not much more.

  5. > He just spent $200 getting his hard drive wiped clean

    Anyone who spends $200 to reformat his hard drive obviously cannot make the smart decision about what computer to use. You can buy a NEW hard drive for that kind of money, but I suppose he would need to spend another $200 to get it installed.

  6. @WiseGuy

    Is English your native language? If not, I understand completely. However, if it IS . . .



    “hole generation”?


    With you as a PC apologist, Microsoft needs no enemies.

  7. Yeah, methinks “WiseGuy” is actually an ignorant teenager with access to a thesaurus, but not a dictionary. Learn to spell and proofread, youngster; such skills contribute mightily to a well-crafted argument. (Not that yours is.)

  8. Well, MDN says, “it still amazes us that 8 of 10 people run to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Dell, etc. to repeatedly saddle themselves with the demonstrably inferior platform.”

    Hey, guys – you live the US of Walmart A where shoddy trash at very low prices always trumps quality. There’s nothing to be amazed at beyond the number of years the human race has stayed around…

  9. WiseGuy, here is a fact or two, starting with: apparently, you cannot spell or use a spell-checker. “Usurp” is not spelled “yousurp,” and “whole” has a ‘w’ at the front, and “realm” usually has that ‘a’ in it. The occasional error is easy to make, but the proliferation of them makes it difficult to take anything you say seriously. Facts or not. As for your facts: “supreme growth rates”? Help me understand that technical term. In the meantime, try to remember that aphorism often attributed to Mark Twain, though not without some dispute: “It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

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