MacService announces 160GB 7200RPM MacBook, MacBook Pro hard drive upgrade

Apple StoreMacService has introduced a160GB 7200RPM hard drive upgrade program for MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops. For $375 the service includes a new Seagate 160GB 7200RPM hard drive, professional installation, roundtrip shipping and data transfer. This is the fastest 160GB hard drive available, previous 7200RPM drives were limited to 100GB in size.

“This drive is great for those who need fast access to large media files.” said Justin Sanderson, President of MacService, in the press release. “It is best suited for video and audio production using Apple’s MacBook or MacBook Pro.

How it works: MacService sends a courier to your location to retrieve your laptop. Once it arrives back at MacService, a certified technician installs the new drive and transfers the data over from your old drive. If your old hard drive is failing, a new operating system is installed. After the service is completed, your laptop is cleaned, tested and sent back to you, along with your old drive. All services are completed within 24 hours of arrival. Seagate hard drives come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

MacService is the leading provider of mail-in repairs and upgrades for Mac and PC laptop computers.

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  1. Dunno what is required to change a Macbook Pro drive, but a Macbook drive swap is a couple of screw and one minute affair.

    A 7200 RPM 2.5 SATA drive costs $239 from OWC, so 150 dollars seems like a pretty steep price for doing the installation.

  2. @matt: A hard drive swap should not void your warranty (except on the drive unit itself). A hard drive swap by an authorized service technician will not void your warranty (again except on the drive unit itself).

  3. I just mentioned the price because there are a lot of people that switched from iBooks to MacBooks.

    iBook hard drives were packed away under so many screws, wires, and other components that $150 would be a bargain to have someone else do it (and be liable for anything damaged in the process).

    The MacBook, on the other hand, is just about the easiest hard drive exchange around. (And you can stick the old drive in a $20 USB enclosure and do the transfer yourself.)

    So if all you are familiar with is iBook drive changes (and when I once looked at what was required to change a clamshell drive I shit myself laughing) then you may not realize how much incredibly easier the process is with the MacBook.

  4. I’ve wondered about this, can our MacBooks handles 7200 rpm drives? I usually see 5400 and was planning on buying a new 160gb 5400 rpm one, should i look into upgrading even more? thanks.

  5. I had the same comment as one before, it’s INCREDIBLY easy to swap a HD in a MacBook, the extra price tag is completely outrageous. Anyone with an external firewire or USB 2 drive can easily do the data transfer as well… I have about 6 of them, not gonna be a problem.

  6. Had my iBook G4 12in. (1 Gig CPU) 30 Gig 4500 RPM hard drive replaced with a Hitachi 60 Gig 7200 RPM, labor cost was $125. Performance increase was noticeable. I decided to go with the Hitachi 7200 because its power needs are almost identical with a 5400 RPM HD. This may not be the case with some other brands of 7200 RPM hard drives. Replacement of the battery with one of higher capacity might be needed to maintain reasonable battery life.

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