4,000 flash mob dancers whip out Apple iPods, startle commuters at Victoria station

“More than 4,000 clubbers danced through the rush hour at Victoria station in Britain’s biggest flash mob stunt,” Tim Stewart reports for The Evening Standard.

“Revellers responded to e-bulletins urging them to ‘dance like you’ve never danced before’ at 6.53pm,” Stewart reports.

Stewart reports, “There were knowing looks and giggles among the casually dressed crowd that gathered from 6.30pm, wearing earphones.”

“A deafening 10-second countdown startled station staff and commuters before the concourse erupted in whoops and cheers. MP3 players and iPods emerged and the crowd danced wildly to their soundtracks in silence – for two hours,” Stewart reports. “Last night’s flash mob ended when four vanloads of police dispersed the dancers. The event was staged by clubbing website mobileclubbing.com. Invitation emails and texts went out a week in advance.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Big Bob” for the heads up.]

Victoria Flash Mob (part 1):

Victoria Flash Mob (part 2):

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  1. I guess I should point out that:
    – they call that dancing?
    – they call that video?

    Yes, that was the rather constrained confines of Victoria Station. Nice to see it again, what I could. But any of those folk who can be recognized will have some ‘splainin to do if their teen-aged kids get to see that. And it would have been nice if one of the blokes with a REAL video camera had cared to share. I saw a couple recording the event!

  2. I thought it was way cool. Imagine 4000 young people dancing and gyrating and having a good time and…. all the time they are doing it quietly!!!

    Wish my two teenageers at home were like that.

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