Apple CEO Steve Jobs appears live on CNBC

Apple CEO Steve Jobs to appear live on CNBC at approximately 9:50am EDT.

Jobs said there has never been a “firm lock” on music sold through iTunes Store since you can burn iTunes Store songs to CD and strip off the DRM anyway. What this new DRM-free music offering provides says Jobs is a hassle-free, higher-quality option.

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  1. Got it fired up.. Jobs has appeared on TV quite a bit in the past few months.. not so much that I can recall in the years before that.. it seems like he’s appearing on TV more now.

    Apple is really on a roll, it’ll be fun to watch how the next few years unfold.

  2. Steve has been recording his own version of every Beatles song, and it will be available on iTMS, DRM free, from tomorrow.

    Classics like ‘Little Help from my Friends’ feature guest vocals from Steve Ballmer.

  3. Several mentions of Apple this hour, including pictures and mention of the iPhone, the stock price, and the EMI deal.. Apple is getting a lot of buzz and seems to get very favorable coverage on TV when mentioned now.

    The dark days of the mid 90s with “Beleagured Apple” seem so far in the past now.. lol.. Bright days ahead.

    Be interesting to see what Jobs has to say, he’s always a great interview. Hopefully he’ll talk about more than just the EMI deal.

    MDN word “Seem” as Appls seems to get more credit now.

  4. the bone heads on cnbc or making this about “music sharing”

    “for 30 cents more now i can share my songs with you”

    “won’t this destroy their business model”

    “yeah, i think it will now show up on P2P sites”


  5. bAh! They screwed it up and were not able to show the full interview!!

    I hope they show it later? Maybe they can post it online or something..

    oh well… Steve Jobs looked cheerful, Apple is really on a roll!

    Oh and the anchor who didn’t “get it” that .. “these will show up on file sharing networks” … THEY ARE ALREADY THERE NOW!!!


    People are ALREADY sharing all these files off CDs.


    1. File sharing networks suck, they require you to open your computer to all sorts of malware and crap, and potential security holes.

    2. Finding stuff is inconsistant, popular songs and works is pretty easy, but more obscure stuff, not so much..

    3. Finding singles isn’t hard but finding full albums isn’t so easy..

    Will this end up with more files on File Trading networks? I dont think it necessarily will, but even if it does, the people willing to pay for these songs aren’t going to really change that much for the reasons I already listed, and there are customers who ARE willing to pay if you give them a good product and treat them fairly.

    It wont eliminate piracy, but the music industry doesn’t need to elimate the existance of piracy to make money.

  6. wall street guy –

    yeah those boneheads really looked completely ignorant on national tv.

    1. they didn’t mention with the $.30 increase you get double increase in quality

    and then they touted it as “sharing music” no one ever said drm free was for sharing/giving all your music to your friends…

  7. I know saying this here is like preaching to the choir, but forgive me while I indulge myself (yes I know that CNBC talking head people are not reading this):

    DRM free music is NOT for sharing the music freely with your friends, but it is for empowering paying music consumers with the ability to listen to and enjoy the music they buy anywhere they want, any time they want. It gives full power and portability to music.

    File sharing exists today and will continue into the future, but there will always be people who are willing to pay for music if you treat them fairly, give them a good product, and don’t over charge for it. This development is targetted for the paying customers to give them what they’ve been asking for and likely won’t have any significant impact on the pirates who wont pay for music and already have access to most of the songs that will end up on iTunes from EMI.

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