Apple TV USB support is now enabled via hack

Apple Store“After endless hacking by a dedicated group at AwkwardTV, the Apple TV has yielded to their efforts. A user Turbo posted a method to enable USB support. After the group had tried for literally 6 days straight, patching kernels, adding kext’s, massaging files and other zane the USB works,” Tutorial Ninjas reports. “USB keyboard and mice!”

Tutorial Ninjas reports, “Next up? Honestly, the sky is the limit at this point. Go buy one.”

Full article here.

How to enable Apple TV USB ports: here.

[UPDATE: 2:09 pm EDT: Added “via hack” to headline for clarification.]

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  1. I’m not interested in taking apart my electronic equipment. Don’t trust myself not to screw it up. I get nervous opening the door on my G4 PowerMac, and that’s one of the simplest computers to fiddle with ever.

  2. Worst demo video I’ve ever seen on the net. Can’t tell what he’s doing, and don’t understand why you would want to do it.

    The room looked like my son’s dorm room. This guy has gotta get out more.

    Also, MDN…. the headline is a tad missleading. The USB has been enabled by a hack, not apple. I know you don’t say that, but the headline kinda leads that way.

  3. Still Underwhelmed….

    I looked at one in the apple store… Incredibles and Pirates looked AWFUL on the LCD display…

    Pictures looked great – but why did it look so bad?

    (I love Apple and it’s products – I have a G5 powermac at home – so I am NOT an apple basher)

  4. The picture quality of movies looks like crap on a LCD HD tv because:

    1) it is still a small image size (640×480, right?)
    2) and is still compressed ALOT…much more than a DVD

    Thus I am not getting on board til they at least start offer a basic HD format for download (1280×720) at better compression rates

  5. If it’s an “entry level Mac”, it’s REAL low-end. 1 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM. Yeah, you’re going to be doing a lot with that! Yes, I know there are folks smarter than me just looking for the challenge of the week.

    But, if anything, it demonstrates that the Mac Mini is over-priced and under-engineered. If @TV can integrate the power supply, why not the Mini? If @TV can have a dedicated video processor with its own RAM, why not the Mini? Were they to add a proper processor, adequate RAM, and a better drive, they could release it as a Mini II for $399, and add a proper, expandable, desktop (say, single dual-core Xeon, room for two drives, and an expansion slot or two) for $999. Then watch them try to keep up with demand.

  6. Ah, my Apple TV is inside my entertainment center behind glass. What use would I and others have with anything wired to the USB port, except for storage or connection to some other component. Any peripheral like a gaming controller, mouse, or keyboard would absolutely have to be wireless. Am I missing something here?

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