Salt Lake City Moms earn money for school, buy 45 Apple iMacs

Apple Store“More than $100,000 worth of new goodies was given to one South Jordan [Utah, suburb of Salt Lake City] school. Students and teachers are enjoying brand new computers, much needed supplies, even new minivans. This was all made possible by a handful of mothers in the neighborhood,” Annie Cutler reports for

“Angela Merrill and about thirty other moms knew that cutting Campbell’s soup labels would get them something, but no one knew it would lead to 45 brand new iMac computers, a shopping spree for all of the teachers, and two minivans. They say it felt like Christmas in March,” Cutler reports.

Cutler reports, “And still another part of the prize? Two minivans. The school district is auctioning the vans off because they have no use for them.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan J.” for the heads up.]
South Jordan, Utah has some smart moms.


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