Apple overriding Apple TV hacks?

Apple Store“Just days after intrepid telly addicts ripped open Apple TV’s innards to install larger drives and extra file support, the guys at Tutorial Ninjas a reporting they’ve had their boxes remotely reset to remove any additional features they’ve shoehorned in,” T3 reports.

T3 reports, “According to their website, the Ninja’s awoke to find their freshly hacked TV boxes had several features disabled overnight. Quick to accuse Apple of remotely resetting the streamers, they recommend changing Apple TV’s password and disabling internet access to avoid Apple gaining access through a ‘network breach.'”

“So far, so exciting. However, popular consensus amongst others on the site is that Apple haven’t been hacking the hackers at all, but that Apple TV is repairing itself overnight using a scheduled reset tool, known as a ‘chronjob’ [sic: cron job; see also: launchd],” T3 reports.

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  1. The paranoid idiots just assume Apple is hacking into their boxes and resetting them. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” /> Obviously these hackers “ninjas” don’t know nearly as much about the Apple TV as they think they do.

  2. I love it.

    So rather then pulling some Big Brother act and remotely tapping into your system and changing things, they seem to have pre-built an anti-hack method of an overnight self system restore.
    Apple = Innovation.

  3. But if I load the tweaks I need to watch my pr0n and tv has an auto-reset “feature” that disables those thweaks I’d be pretty upset.

    Now I haven’t purchased an tv yet, but the only reason I’d want one is to stream my pr0n from my computer to my bedroom. I have digital cable, thus no need for watching iTunes downloads. If iTunes downloads are the only things I can watch then tv is an utter waste of money.

  4. A automatic reset is necessary for the establishment of stringent DRM for Apple to eventually sell High Definition movies through iTMS.

    Of course there isn’t any HDCP chips present, so I fail to see how far that would go.

    Is selling video content on iTMS a subsitute for no BlueRay DVD playback capabilities on Mac’s ever?

  5. So now they have to hack the cronjob/launchd. If they are real hackers, that’s no biggie. Or set different protections on the stuff they’ve added.

    It’ll take a while, but I think the hackers will eventually win.

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