Apple, Dell and Sony added to Bluetooth patent lawsuit

Apple Store“Apple Inc., Dell Inc., Sony Corp. and five other technology companies were added to a lawsuit over patents covering Bluetooth, threatening their use of a wireless- communication standard that’s in millions of devices,” Jeff St.Onge and Connie Guglielmo report for Bloomberg.

“The nonprofit Washington Research Foundation sued Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Samsung Electronics Co. and Nokia Oyj over Bluetooth in Seattle federal court in December. Apple, Dell and Sony were added as defendants March 15, along with Logitech International SA, Motorola Inc., Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, Toshiba Corp. and Plantronics Inc., court papers show,” St.Onge and Guglielmo report.

St.Onge and Guglielmo report, “The suit threatens the ability of the computer and device makers to deliver wireless capabilities to customers. The companies are accused of infringing four patents covering technology that lets users exchange data among mobile phones, personal computers and other devices without using cables.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael P.” for the heads up.]


  1. “four patents covering technology that lets users exchange data among mobile phones, personal computers and other devices without using cables”

    Including fingers, toes, noses, and other various body parts…

  2. @mudflapper: Bluetooth has been available for YEARS. Why are we seeing lawsuits now? Is there no statute of limitations for this kinda thing?

    Well, maybe because lots of us use it now. It took a while to be in so many devices. It would have seemed pointless to sue 10 years ago.

    My questions is wh include all the users in the suit? Is it really Apple’s and Sony’s responsibility to check the rights that there vendors say they have?

  3. Ah yes, more frivolous lawsuits. I wonder how profitable Apple would be without having to defend themselves against every kook that claims they have some patent. This nonsense would end if the courts did one thing. The loser pays both parties court costs. Then, people would think twice about these cases.

  4. Gee, and I thought that extortion was illegal.
    Silly me.

    The question is, who has been licensing the use of Bluetooth™ and the Bluetooth™ brand. Wouldn’t they be responsible?

    This kind of crap is maddening. I guess it’s easier than working.

  5. Bluetooth is a crappy and insecure wireless transmission method

    Only a fool would use Bluetooth or wireless for anything that they regard the security and privacy of their machine.

    Even Apple takes your prviacy and security for granted.

    Ever look at your Apple website cookies? Surprise, your name is there in plain language. Your computer is your name as well which you can’t change unless you reinstall the OS from scratch.

    What was Apple thinking? Their OS was immune to attack?

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