HP exits Media Center PC business, drops Digital Entertainment Center line

Apple Store“HP is pulling out of the Digital Entertainment Center (DEC) business. The company that pioneered the living-room form factor for Media Center Edition (MCE) PCs has decided to drop the line,” Julie Jacobson reports for CEPro.

“The company instead will focus its energy on MediaSmart, the new brand of TVs with digital media adapters built in — not Microsoft Media Center Extenders that link Media Centers with remote TVs, but HP’s own solution for distributing photos, music, video and other content (including Web-based) to the TV,” Jacobson reports.

Jacobson reports, “HP channel development manager Doug Robert, who was (in my view, anyway) the main driver of DEC in the custom electronics channel, says, ‘This not a statement about Media Center PCs. It doesn’t mean Media Center isn’t going to be successful. It’s just that we’re discontinuing development.'”

Full article here.
It doesn’t mean Media Center isn’t going to be successful? Then why is HP dumping it?

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  1. They’re probably dumping it for the same reason they stopped selling the iPod.

    Carly Fiorino’s successor pointed out that the tagline on the HP logo was “HP invent”, but they were buying in technologies from Apple and others instead of pushing their own solutions.

  2. ‘It doesn’t mean Media Center isn’t going to be successful.’

    It just means they THINK it will unsuccessful and that they can come up with something better like Apple has done, but don’t get mad at us, Ballmer.

    That could be the impetus for even more hardware companies to look beyond Microsoft. Let’s hope.

  3. ‘This not a statement about Media Center PCs. It doesn’t mean Media Center isn’t going to be successful. It’s just that we’re discontinuing development.’


    “Microsoft, you’re still firmly inserted, and have a knife to our throat, so we can’t stop pumping just yet. We’re not dumping any more money down your movie-hole, but honest, your kit is still super-duper.”

    I’ll just say right now – Media Center is not going to be successful. I promise.


    MW: ‘eyes’ (wide shut)

  4. Scene:

    Ballmer: “We have our strategy, we’ve got great partners doing media, doing TV. I like our strategy, I like it a lot. Right now we’re selling millions and millions and millions of Media Centers a year- Apple just came out with this…this thing… I don’t know what it does.. but do i call that a strategy? We have many, many partners. We’re in the game, were driving the market…. excuse me, Hurd is on the other line…. Hello, Mark…WHAT??!!?? You f@#king …..”

    Sounds of crashes in the room.

    Exit scene:

  5. Cute play on acronyms!

    For you youngsters, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) was a maker of mostly minicomputers, often used as servers. Their engineering was great (UNIX was first developed on a DEC mini), their marketing and management was less so. In the late 90’s, DEC was bought by Compaq. Compaq was bought by HP.

    So HP is pulling out of the Digital Entertainment Center (DEC) business. just struck me as ironic.

    Thanks for listening.

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