Adobe introduces InDesign CS3

Apple StoreAdobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe InDesign CS3 software, the latest version of its page layout program. InDesign CS3 addresses design, efficiency and output challenges to improve the way that design, editorial, production and IT professionals work on a day-to-day basis. The software is the keystone to Adobe’s comprehensive publishing solution that also includes Adobe InCopy CS3 and Adobe InDesign CS3 Server.

InDesign CS3 will be available as a stand-alone application or as a key component of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium and Standard editions and Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection. The software will be available as a Universal application for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. Customers will experience increased levels of performance and speed running the software on Intel-based Macintosh systems and the latest Windows hardware.

InDesign CS3 features enhancements intended to streamline and speed design, editing and production of documents of any length. Productivity features including Multi-file Place, expanded Quick Apply, Advanced Find/Change, and fast frame fitting, eliminate time consuming and repetitive design tasks. Table and cell styles allow users to quickly format an entire table or apply design to a regional area, such as a header or footer. Standards-based XHTML export to Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 from InDesign CS3 enables print content to be repurposed for web publishing. A built-in XHTML export to Adobe Digital Editions allows InDesign CS3 users to directly generate dynamic, reflow-centric content for Adobe’s new Rich Internet Application for reading and managing digital publications. The addition of automated bullets and numbering and text variables give users the tools to quickly create and maintain design consistency within long documents. Dynamic generation of page layouts with formatted text and graphics can now be accomplished by applying rules to imported XML content, enabling publishers to automate the creation of richly designed and personalized documents.

InDesign CS3 users can now more freely experiment with designs by applying familiar Photoshop visual effects such as bevel and emboss, as well as satin, with full support for blending modes, opacity, and other options. Finer transparency controls allow users to independently adjust settings on an object’s fill, stroke or text for more visual and nuanced design.

InDesign CS3 is a component of a flexible publishing solution that includes Adobe InCopy CS3 and InDesign CS3 Server. InCopy CS3 is a professional writing and editing program that provides tight integration with InDesign CS3 enabling collaborative editorial workflows between designers, writers and editors. InDesign CS3 Server brings high-end composition and layout to a server platform introducing new levels of automation to editorial workflows, collateral creation, data-driven personalized publishing and template-based Web-to-print solutions. The InDesign product family is fully extensible using standard programming technologies including C++, Javascript, AppleScript and VBScript to create customized solutions that scale to meet publishers’ specialized needs.

Adobe InDesign CS3 and Adobe InCopy CS3 will begin shipping in April 2007 to customers in the United States and Canada, and will be available through Adobe Authorized Resellers and the Adobe Store. Estimated street price for the Adobe InDesign CS3 is US$699 and US$249 for Adobe InCopy CS3. Adobe InDesign CS3 Server will also be available to qualified Adobe developer partners in the second quarter of 2007 with pricing information available through qualified third parties. For more detailed information about features, upgrade policies, pricing, and International versions, visit:

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  1. Any word on compatibility with CS2 InDesign files?

    We ran into a real snag when we upgraded a couple of our computers at work to CS2. Only then did we realize that CS’ version wasn’t compatible.

    Now that we’ve upgraded everything to CS2, it’d be nice to know that we only need to upgrade our couple of 24-inch Intel iMacs to CS3 and still be able to trade files.

    If anybody knows, help . . .

  2. to Charlie:


    We had someone on the staff (who will probably be subject to an ass-chewing next review) research the problem. Apparently, he dropped the ball and cost us some money in the process.

    One question: Was this ability to make .indx files there right when CS2 was released or was this a software update of some kind? Shed some light if you can . . . I’d like to know how pissed off I should be.

  3. So with interchange (InDesign CS3) I will be able to open files created in ID CS2, work on them in ID CS3 and export them back to ID CS2? I do not want to go through what MidWest Mac went through!

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