Adobe announces two editions of Photoshop CS3, to ship in April 2007

Apple StoreAdobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended, two new editions of the professional industry standard for digital imaging. Photoshop CS3 software is a major upgrade, offering new innovations in editing power and productivity for designers and photographers. The addition of an entirely new version of Photoshop, Photoshop CS3 Extended, means creative professionals can now use everything in Photoshop CS3 plus groundbreaking tools for 3-D, motion graphics, image measurement and analysis. Adobe says Photoshop CS3 Extended “expands the boundaries of digital imaging, simplifying the workflows for professionals in architecture, engineering, medicine, and science.”

Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended will be available as stand-alone applications or key components of Adobe’s expanded Creative Suite 3 family. The software will be available as a Universal application for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. Adobe promises that customers will experience increased levels of performance and speed running Photoshop CS3 on Intel-based Macintosh systems and the latest Windows hardware.

Photoshop CS3 offers new features for advanced compositing, designers can automatically align multiple Photoshop layers or images based on similar content. The Auto-align Layers command quickly analyzes details and moves, rotates or warps layers to align them perfectly, and the Auto-blend Layers command blends the color and the shading to create a smooth, editable result.

With the latest version of Camera Raw, photographers can process raw images with increased speed and superior conversion quality, with its support for over 150 raw formats, JPEG and TIFF files, compatibility with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom™, and new tools such as Fill Light and Dust Busting.

Photoshop CS3 Extended software includes everything in Photoshop CS3 plus additional specialized features such as support for 3-D and video workflows, animation and in-depth image analysis. With support for popular 3-D formats, creatives can render and incorporate rich 3-D content into their 2-D compositions, including texture editing on 3-D models. Using the Enhanced Vanishing Point, designers can measure in perspective and also export from Enhanced Vanishing Point to a 3-D model. For video post-production, Photoshop CS3 Extended now includes video-format and layer support to edit video files frame by frame. The resulting video can then be exported to a variety of formats including Flash®. Pioneering new uses in areas such as manufacturing and medicine, the Measurement Log palette calculates a range of values within an image, the Scale Marker easily adds a scale graphic to any image, and the new Count tool tallies features in an image simply by clicking on them.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended will begin shipping in April 2007 to customers in the United States and Canada, and will be available through Adobe Authorized Resellers and the Adobe Store. Estimated street price for Adobe Photoshop CS3 is US$649 and US$999 for Photoshop CS3 Extended. Upgrade pricing is available. For more detailed information about features, upgrade policies, pricing, and International versions, visit:

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  1. It’s been said that for Adobe to get Photoshop to run natively on Apple’s Intel boxes, they have had to recode it (using XCode perhaps?). Blogs have also said (?) that even the previous version of Photoshops was never fully updated to run natively in OSX, and instead utilized old code using old APIs.

    Now I can’t argue one way or another with these points, as only Adobe knows what they did, but I do know one thing: IT’s FASTER!

    I’ve been using Lightroom along with the beta of CS3, and I’m pretty impressed.

  2. Adobe setting itself up for disruption. They are overserving too many people with this bloated, do-all monster. The price is a scandal. Jobs, do us proud, give us a tool with a third of the stuff PS has, charge us 100 bucks, and liberate us from these idiots.

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